JAC demands to convene special assembly

Siamchinthang Tangpua
Lamka Sept. 24: While demanding to repeal the three ILPS Bills, the Joint Action Committee (JAC) against ‘Anti-tribal Bills’ urged the state government to convene a special assembly within September 2015 and pass another bill for exclusion of areas under the six ADCs of Manipur including pockets of land amalgamated with valley district.
The Joint Action Committee (JAC) against ‘Anti-tribal Bills’ said that there ILPS Bills are not only anti-tribal, but it is also unconstitutional that was passed in a great haste without any debate or discussion in the assembly.
“The Spirit, content, preamble, objectives and reasons of the bill explicably show the deliberate intension of Manipur State Govt. to infringe on the Rights and privileges of the Hill People, as well as
non-tribal from outside the state,” the JAC said in a release.
Respectable and historic Christian burial programme will be performed shortly in consultation with the victims’ families.
The JAC further said that the govt. should address the core-issues rather than hitting the bushes after they can constitute an enquiry of the firing and killing of innocent tribals.
Unless the JAC receive definite steps from the government within September 2015, the JAC shall intensify the movement in consultation with their fellow tribal, in and outside the state, it added

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jacob September 24, 2015 - 1:06 pm
What rights and privileges of the hill people are infringed by the three bills? Nonsense, you did not agree to talk with the Government. Instead you are protesting against the bill without rhyme and reason. that too, after long agitation by the JCILPS and its supporters without any word or murmur from your side. You raised slogans against the bills only after passing the bills by the legislative assembly. You are anti Meitei, anti Manipuri people. Your dream must fail.
Sanjeev Kumar September 24, 2015 - 6:44 pm
SINISTER INTENT TO EXCLUDE MEITEIS FROM LIVING SPACE IN THE HILLS The ILP bill which is sought to be implemented in both the hills and valley does not impinge in any way on the rights of the tribals whose interests anyway are protected under the existing Article 371C of the Indian Constitution through the Hill Area committee. As such all the tribal bodies have so far run away from coming aboard the negotiating table to spell out the points of contentions and where it is impinging on the tribal interests. The current anti ILP protest (specifically MLR-LR bill) by the tribal brothers is a move founded on Realpolitik intended to block the valley people from settling in the hills and thus filtering out the Meiteis from the Hills and continue their demographic dominance so that the national highways of the state are controlled by the tribals. With all the other tribes and outsiders buying and settling in the valley area and decreasing the valley people’s living space relentlessly, and the hills people blocking the already insecure meiteis from being given accommodation in the hills, the predicament faced by the meiteis needs to be taken into consideration.
jacky September 25, 2015 - 7:34 am
Government has been asking tribal groups that have been spearheading the current agitation to come forward and dialogue if there is any clause on the bill that will impact on tribal rights. However so far none came forward but they continue spreading lies and protests against the bill. Government has sent three invitations so far to sit down with the govt but they failed to respond till now. What is this? There was also a pamphlet distributed in tribal areas by some people that contents full of lies about the bill. Is this the way they manipulate innocent public to be on their side. Dear tribal bro and sis, please don't let those crook selfish people to play over your lives. Don't be their puppet.
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