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Arambai Tenggol assaulted my brother, I’ll stand by truth even if they kill me, says Medha

by Aribam Bishwajit
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Arambai Tenggol assaulted my brother, I’ll stand by truth even if they kill me, says Medha

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Imphal, April 24:

Khoirom Medha, the sister of Yumnam Shanta from Kyamgei Maning Leikai, bravely spoke out about her brother’s assault on April 19, 2024, during the polling day. She identified the attackers as members of Arambai Tenggol and reaffirmed her commitment to the truth, stating she would stand by her statement made at the April 20 press conference even if it endangered her life. Medha and her brother Shanta revealed that they’ve faced threats and coercion to alter their account and deny the involvement of Arambai Tenggol.
In a heartfelt conversation with the media, a tearful Medha recounted the harrowing incident: “I witnessed my brother being brutally attacked by Arambai members that day. Despite their threats and demands to change our statement, insisting the attackers were individuals in black uniforms, I refuse to lie. They’ve pressured us, claiming many others have complied, and warned of consequences for not doing so.”
“For me, truth is paramount. I’m prepared to face any consequence or threat to uphold it. I saw with my own eyes. Why should I fabricate a story? We have numerous witnesses,” she added, tears streaming down her face.
“Their threats make life unbearable, but I will not compromise on truth. If speaking out, even at the cost of my life, serves justice and society, I will persist. It was unequivocally Arambai who assaulted my brother,” she bravely said.
Medha’s anguish and determination continued to resonate in her words as she questioned the integrity of Arambai and its leadership: “If their members committed wrongs, why not have the courage to apologize to the people of Manipur? Why can’t their leaders guide them? Instead, they resort to threatening me to fabricate a narrative that absolves Arambai. I will never compromise my integrity. It was Arambai.”
“I’ve always held Arambai in high regard, even my son is a member. I welcomed them warmly after their battles, prayed for their well-being. Yet today, they threaten us. We’ve shielded and supported them. How can they turn against us like this?” she questioned, her sorrow and disappointment palpable.
Medha’s voice trembled with resolve and fear as she elaborated on the ongoing threats and pressures she faced: “If Arambai members erred, their leaders could have expelled or made them apologize. Instead, they’ve subjected us to constant intimidation, making it unbearable to stay at home. We live in fear. If any harm befalls my family, Arambai and PIK Convenor Chingakham Megha should be held accountable. Megha pressured me to lie and threatened dire consequences if I didn’t comply. I’m puzzled by his involvement in a matter concerning Arambai.”
She reiterated firmly, “It was Arambai who attacked my brother. My statement remains unchanged. I refuse to lie or shift blame when I witnessed Arambai members with my own eyes. Even if it costs me my life, I will uphold the truth.”
Yumnam Shanta, the victim of the alleged assaults by Arambai Tengol, highlighted the contradictory actions of AT leaders: “One of the AT leaders admitted on social media that it was AT members involved, yet they persistently pressure us to retract our statement. I urge AT leaders to address this issue.”
Sharing his experience, Shanta stated, “As a Congress agent during the 6/3 polling in Kyamgei, I was forcibly removed from the polling station and subjected to assault outside. My sister also confirmed this during the April 19 press conference.”
Shanta further elaborated on the coercion and threats he faced from AT and PIK: “AT and PIK have relentlessly pressured us to retract my sister’s statement and fabricate a false narrative. They want us to claim that the attackers weren’t from Arambai Tenggol but individuals in black uniforms. Despite having video evidence and initially avoiding escalation for community harmony, their threats have forced us to speak out to the media.”
He continued, “Additionally, a person named Jilla, who threatened me at the polling station, warned me to comply with the miscreants’ demands or face personal consequences. He has now falsely accused me in the Sangai Express newspaper, opposing my request for a re-poll and levying baseless charges against me. I chose not to respond publicly to avoid unnecessary newspaper space for our dispute.”
Shanta expressed frustration over the electoral malpractices he witnessed in Keirao Kendra: “Numerous unfair practices have marred elections in Keirao Kendra, prompting me to take on the role of an election agent to rectify these issues. I was forcibly removed from my post because I opposed unfair practices like proxy voting on that day. I’ve chosen to stay silent, but if I reveal the entire truth, it would severely damage reputations. So, I urge everyone to cease falsely blaming me.”

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