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The Women’s Market in Imphal

I am extremely sad that the New Year earthquake of 2015 which has hit Manipur, has also heavily…
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The impact of Globalisation

IT DeskGlobalisation, governed primarily by a market-oriented philosophy, has a number of implications for modes of governance. In…
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Earthquake history of Manipur

1. 18 August 1926 – East of Palel, Manipur (Indo-Myanmar Border region), 6.0(TS) 23:58:48 UTC, 24.50N, 94.50E.2. 20…
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Muslims in the history of Manipur

Muslims (Pangal/Meitei-Pangal) constitute almost 9% (2 lakh) of the total population of the State. Manipuri speaking Muslims are…
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Earthquakes will strike again!

Is Imphal Earthquake a bolt from the blue?I would say that we all knew or were jinxed that…
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Problem of 1949 Annexation of Manipur

(This article was originally written by Prof. Naorem Sanajaobaand is translated by Aheibam Koireng Singh) In these recent…
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