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The main need of the time is to connect the youth with literature

by Rinku Khumukcham
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By: Harkirat Kaur
My father used to bring home a lot of literature, religious books, magazines, journals, newspapers from my childhood. They often inspire us to read books, they and many other scholars believe that a person who is connected with literature, has a greater understanding and understanding of the nuances of life and how to face the difficulties that lie ahead. . Books, literature are a very important part of life. I have often heard wise men say that there is no true friend like books. This is one hundred percent true. Anyone who has made their friendship with books increases their ability to observe, to measure everything in depth and their intellect. In a country where the youth are attached to books, the people of that country will be more insightful and practical. If we talk about Punjab, there was a time when more than half of the children in the village, especially boys, used to take Gurbani. I get to know the views of many of my readers, most of whom are respectable middle-aged people or seniors and very few young boys and girls. This is an indication that the youth are seldom associated with literature or newspapers. In fact, in a country where young people read books, newspapers and magazines, a different aspect of their personality emerges. It is natural for a good reader’s mind to change for the better. A person with a clear mind is actually a good reader. That person’s good personality has acknowledged the influence of good books. Our youth today are spending their free time on mobile phones instead of reading books, reading literature. I often ask my students how much they know about Sikh history but sadly no one supports it except one or two students. Many videos also go viral in which young people do not even know who Bhagat Singh was. The names of the five Beloveds, the names of the five thrones, etc. There is no special knowledge of any historical aspect. I don’t know how many articles, stories, poems are published in the newspapers every day, but no one has enough time to read them, especially the youth. It is my personal experience that becoming a reader and resource is not easy. It takes a lot of contentment and patience to read and listen. It is a tragedy of the present time that our level of patience, endurance, endurance has deteriorated drastically. The question now is how to connect the younger generation with literature. The simple and straightforward answer is that only parents can play the most important role in this. In the past when a woman was pregnant she used to spend more time reading Gurbani, but nowadays most of the time is spent on mobile phone The obvious effect of which can be seen in the addiction of mobile phone to the newborn baby. A child who has spent his childhood in a literary environment and in an environment where parents are engrossed in reading books will surely be naturally attracted to the child. Children have to be connected with literature, Gurbani, Sikh history from childhood. Parents should give books to their children on special occasions like festivals, birthdays and books. But nowadays especially mobile phones are given as gifts by parents. After parents, schools and colleges also have a special responsibility to connect students with literature. Every school and college should have a library, as well as every school, college should have a compulsory period of library. So that at least the students are face to face with the books. A society connected with books can make a huge contribution to the progress of a country. I would also like to ask young brothers and sisters to get involved in books and literature as much as possible. Books are the foundation of a good society and a developing country. Today’s youth is tomorrow’s future, from which the future politicians, engineers, doctors, professors have to start. The name of a country whose future is in the hands of educated and intelligent people has a distinct identity on the world map. Connecting the younger generation with literature today is a matter of urgency.

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