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The Genuine Ambition in Life

by Rinku Khumukcham
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By: Satellite Nongmaithem
Can you undoubtedly predict that you will be what you aimed for? Absolutely not, but everyone seems to incline towards becoming someone known by most. One might be drained with the curiosity of becoming an IAS Officer, a doctor or anything great. Practically, behind thousands of wrestlers waiting to be in the ring, only the adept individual gets to play in. These couple of words may insist you to think – Why will you not be the proficient one? Of course, you will. However, living in such a corrupted society will always be its own stumbling block. By virtue of this, many diligents are disheartened on account of their broken ambition in life. Should we always feel repentance for the cause?
Apart from all these, myriads of youths are still aimless and some are constantly shifting their preceding life goals in order to handle their life circumstances. Never try to be a victim in the trap of not being able to decide what we want in life. In fact, everyone is born aimless and nothing should be discouraging you from becoming a prominent person.
Through the epoch of my life, childhood memories always convey a place in my mind. It was when I was able to walk just after months of crawling. There was a picture posted on the wall of our house’s drawing room which consisted of a DGP, a Pilot and a Navy. When my mother asked me about my desire, I specified Pilot as my aspiration. That’s a childish thought! As I said – Childish thought – I switched to the Navy in a few days. Fortunately, I was born multi-talented. When I got to my 6th standard, my skills in drawing took its best forms. I won exciting prizes in various competitions. Some elders suggested that I should become a professional painter. On the other hand, I was well-versed in most sports, especially in athletics, football etc. It may be worth mentioning that I was also absorbed in the field of sport for a short stretch of time. Furthermore, I was not too bad in acquiring bookish knowledge either. A psychologist also told me that I am a multi-talented individual and also mentioned that individuals like me are most confused with what they really want in life as they can mostly adapt to many things. As a result of this, I had developed an urge to become an IAS Officer. As time goes by, I encounter many great experiences. Now again, I prefer to choose Graphic Designer as my career goal. Sometimes, I ruminate and blame myself for my mercurial mindset. And again, I do console myself for this is the age of explorations.
Moving on, the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, pursued a career in Computer Science then stormed up to taking chief roles in various financial firms where he eventually dropped in with the evolution of e-commerce, establishing Amazon at the age of 31. And again now, he is into space rockets. The 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan was a young Hollywood actor. Even in the context of our society, the transition of career from an IAS Officer to a Member of the Legislative Assembly is no longer an exception.
Indeed, keeping a life goal is ethical, but responding to the status quo is more vital. When harnessing effective results from the current situation, one’s life ambition might face an unexpected shift. Moreover, striving for a life goal is fictitious. Even though we are aimless or may be in any stage of life, we should not feel anxious for our future aim. Instead, let us try to hunt a self-satisfied lifestyle, handling the outcomes. Then a precious goal will undoubtedly be gifted to us. This is what we consider as ‘the genuine aim.’
I know because of the streamlined parabolic words that’s used, I might be mostly taken as self-entitled. But with the little that I know, what the hunger of wanting to share the mistakes, I held no stagnancy but greased down my pen to vibrate my heartfelt and honest commands.
(The writer is an ex-student of Sanatombi Oriental English School, Kumbi.)

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