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Journey in a mess of the revolutionary

by Rinku Khumukcham
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By- M. Joy Luwang, Singjamei.
Since 1960 up to till now, there is an era where the revolutionary attends the highest peak of respect, and the worst behaviour happened from 1990 to 2008. During these periods, the revolutionary had not only the strength and power, but the public also wholeheartedly support at this period. With support from the public, they must initiate the public participation in the political movement and be the part of the revolutionary movement. But that was not happen was an unavoidable mistake done by the revolutionary leaders.
During those periods, instead of establishing people’s political movement, revolutionary groups are against each, focus on useless activities, conduct misbehaving, and divide the innocent people into various groups and ethnicities. It leads to a strong feeling of dislike by the people. Spoil these long 18 years of duration was an unfortunate period in the history of revolution. In these 18 years of duration, the revolutionary had not planned and acted against the enemy’s policy. So, the enemy had invaded and freely exercise their work and policy. It led our society face a lot of troublesome.
Some mistake done by revolutionary during the period 1990 to 2008
(i) When recruiting the government jobs under the Indian administration, different groups of revolutionaries tried to share their benefit and created an amenity among the revolutionaries. The people of Manipur also feel an ill feeling to the revolutionaries about their revolutionary vision and morale.
(ii) The public considered the revolutionary group as the profit earned company as they involved in government contract and supply to create their party’sfund, relatively the revolutionary image also down. As the contractor or supplier provide some share of their profit to the related revolutionary leader to get the supply or contract. The party leadersgive more emphasis to the contractor and supplier by neglection his revolutionary co-members. Because of that, the members of the group do not trust their leaders and so, the leaders also try to form his own group who can be wave by his money power. And it leads to the downfall of the revolutionary organisation. Among the different group also, in order to obtain a contract or supply, there is a conflict arise between them.

joy luwang
Revolutionary were fall under the plot made by the Indian Government. Indian Government made a strategy to worsen the socio-economic condition of Kangleipak(Manipur) and arise conflict between us. Whatever the small fund provided by Indian Government for the reason to establish an opportunist class and share among the Manipuri people. Because of insufficient share, there is a conflict between the revolutionary and the common people. The people hatred the revolutionary groups. And the revolutionary also did not have enough source, so they forced and snatched the Government fund against the people. Thus, the Indian Government worsened the socio- economic condition and arise the conflict between the common people and the revolutionary groups. The trust towards the revolutionary also decline drastically and create an opportunist group to the common people. As the changing mind of the revolutionary, the people did not want to cooperate with them. A lot of plan and strategies were applied, and finally, the revolutionary activities were downfall.The activity, instead of neglecting their mistake, selfish attitude, opportunist, crime, work like terrorism, the activists must discuss their mistake among themselves and organise to reform the organisation so as to escape from Indian conspiracy.
(iii) The different group involved in the conflict of land property issues and thereby segregate the public into a different group. But these different groups stand for his revolutionary party. Not at all. 
(iv) The revolutionary negotiated with the corruption of the Government to a few amounts of money instead of punishing. And sometimes, the near and dear ones of the revolutionary are accepted and is known by the common people. It led to the disbelief and neglected the revolutionary support from the public.
(v) Instead of marching with the revolutionaries’ united forces to the targeted goal, they participated more on social reform and involved in the administration of the Indian Government.
Did the revolutionary do the above few responsibilities? Or the revolutionary was fallen under the representative sent by the colonial Government was a big question asked nowadays. Of doing what is not to be done and avoiding revolutionary was the cause of conflict and blaming the fault each other among the revolutionary group. With these reasons, there is a lack of love and trust among the revolutionary group. Moreover, the corrupted Government instilled the revolutionary involved in their activity through their representativesubsequently the dignity of revolutionary decrease day by day. Once there was a lot of help and provide shelter was still provide to them? Whatever the work is done in force, it must always be under the principle, and work is done like robbery or Daku, force kidnapping for money demand, a crime against women, spoil the society, dishonesty and injustice are crime doers not a revolutionary.
With this hideous crime and dissatisfaction or to imitate their crime, many groups are formed and organised in society. During 1990- 2008, responsibility and action is not an ideal of revolution. Analysing on the work done by the various revolutionary in the world both the success and unsuccess one builds a strong bond with the public. But our revolution for the whole 18 years was not on the right journey, and today, we know the right way though as the lack of seriousness, the progress is too slow. So, we need to get together with the public and maintain coordination can go forward. It must be kept in our mind.
Who is the real revolutionary?
A man’s thought and action is the main reason to determine man’s behaviours. Revolutionary their principle and its action also determine character. If the groups’ action mixed with both the good and bad, their behaviour will not be considered a decent and noble one. Which armed revolutionary movement work with a true heart? Which group work hideous crime under the name of revolution is known with their character. So, a group cannot define a revolutionary organisation by analysing a single good deed. To determine a group as a revolutionary group, we had to analyse their thoughts, actions, principles, and behaviours. More than this, need to be discussed thoroughly whether they follow the designated role and responsibility strictly, accountability etc. Those groups follow the above point can be considered as a real revolutionary organisation. Without following the organisation principle, by doing their benefits and desire are not a revolutionary organisation. They are just existence for their survival and benefits.
Some mistake done by CSO and ex- members of the revolutionary during the period of 1990 – 2008
i) The Manipuri (kanglei) language included in the 8th Schedule of colonial law means the Indian Constitution by begging to the Indian Government. It is one of the sad moments for all of us. It shows to them that we like Indian colonial law. If the Indian Government included our language forcibly in the 8th Schedule under the colonial Law, we could feel it is a tricky plan of the Indian Government. But it does not so happen. Some CSO group organized a yearly celebration for the inclusion of our language in the 8th Schedule is a wrong concept, and it must not be done.
ii) Even also included the Manipuri language in the 8th Schedule of the Indian languages, a contradiction arises about the real and original Script of the Manipuri. Still, some CSO bows down to the Indian Government for the inclusion in the 8th Schedule of the Indian languages. Over and above repeating other bows down to the Indian Government to include the Script in the alien Indian Currency, it is a similar matter that every people of Manipur felt that the Maharaja of Manipur to become a Raja Sabha MP in the Indian Parliament is an illegal one, and everybody denounced the Maharaja decision. Now, we should rise louder voice than the rejection voice of the Maharaja’s unroyal morale. We can say ourselves that we are loyal to Indian administration so as we forgot we are once an independent country. If the Indian Government’s intended to control our ill feeling to Indian by the inclusion of our Script to their Currency, we should oppose and reject the tricky attitude and unfair action of the Indian Government. 
iii) During 1990 to 2008, many members of the revolutionary organization were started to surrender. And many of them earn a lot of money in the name of revolutionary while they were in the organization. After they left the organisation, they were exercise to participate in the election of India conducting under the Republic Constitution of India. They even formed their political party. It marks a dark image of revolutionary as well as the future of the revolutionary spirit counter by their characterless as a revolutionary. So, they must be thrown out from our society, and the revolutionary organisation must be aware in future not to happen again as learn from them.
CSO work for the betterment of the society. They also need to think and plan thoroughly before they take any decision or take action. As they love the innocence public, Their Unplan action may lead to the public more dangerous. These 8 years is under the Quandary Phase of Revolution and thus our National Behaviour downfall and make our society collapse. Manipuri People are devoted too much than before. Moreover, the Revolutionary organisation also involve more on reforming the current Govt. than the society. The above point is the reason that the revolutionary is under chaos
During these times, with the oppression of the Colonial India, the women of Manipur shouted with distress, “O! the son of our Motherland, come and wipe our tearful eyes and mend our bruise,” and more, “O! the legendary Revolutionary man, who aim for a new change, don’t you know or gear that there are many mothers whom their child are shredded from their lap, and many Widows whom their husband are killed.” Even though there is no one to hear the pain and sorrow of their heart’s ache Women. The real Revolutionary are one who work for the freedom of public and Unity of the People as their main aim. they must not involve to other unrelated work. They must emphasise wholly on their Principle. Other matter of their group must keep aside. If they work together in this way, they never be apart nor a conflict among themselves. The only way to awake again is to work with togetherness in mind. They should leave the thought of their self and sacrifice for the freedom of nation. Only then they can build their unity. The strength of Unity can only defeat and get freedom from the enemy, India. The loss character of Manipur (Kanglei) can be reform with the changing of time and kept afloat is needed. But today we behave first for the time being, just to accept by other and not in time. This behaviour will not arise again. So, left these behaviours and follow a true Nation Character.
i) We were left of living by begging, live by our self with hard work and happy that what we have.
ii) A man of word.
iii) With a mind of unity with pride.
iv) Not let to live under the others as a dependent one, be live with self-sufficient.
The above four-points of principles must be observed as the priority to regenerate and rebuild our society by the revolutionaries.

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