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Issue of Gender Inequality

by Rinku Khumukcham
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By: N. Debala Devi
Asst. Prof. JCRE Global College, Babupara, Imphal
In Hollywood, in the news, in classrooms and in board room, important and historic conversation are taking place. The narrative surrounding gender equality, a conversation seemingly as old as time itself, has taken centre stage in the global consciousness bringing new eyes and a new generation of leaders and advocates to the fore. Gender inequality is a way of thinking which shows that men and women are unequal and gender determines a person’s way of living. Under this, there is unequal access to various aspects of living such as employment, basic rights, unequal opportunities and many more. Gender inequality has always been a major issue for our society. It is not an issue rather a stereotype, comes from a long way and now it is quite evident in showing the mentality of society. This has been more of issue for women as they are victims of this inequality related to gender because it has been used as a tool of discrimination on them. In today’s world’s , development of everything being on its peak but somewhere in our society, a stripped person faces this problem of gender inequality every day in his/her life. Despite progress in the country or any state, many people are used to tolerating this kind of discrimination knowingly or unknowingly in our daily lives but the most alarming thing is that we can’t help it.
When we talk about Gender, we normally think about male and female. We think about organism of different biological and physiological nature which god has created with certain inequalities among them. So gender inequality begins right from the god’s creation where it is neither in favour of male nor in female. For example: Biologically the features of male and female are different.God has beautifully curved that female where man bow for her beauty. Say Cleopatra Queen of Egypt where Great Roman Emperor Cesar became wimp in concurring the Egypt. At the same time let’s talk about sexism; sexism dictionary meaning, the unfair treatment of peoples because of their sex especially the unfair treatment of women. It is the exclusion of power in society, discrimination of individual in workplace on the basis of sex.It’s about shaming, devaluing the feminine.
Notice the pressure on male too:Male has also the pressure to define against women. Pressure to push down feeling specially fear and pain. Pressure to be physically tall and muscular, Pressure to be money man.On Dec 13 2016 in The Sangai Express: I find a column where famous pop singer Madonna talked about Sexism, feminism and her own perseverance. She is a woman of no rules for girls, equality and stand for gender equality and fight against women misogyny in most of her Music album. But now she reveals that these are rules if you are a girl. She says you are allowed to be pretty, cute and sexy. But don’t act too smart .Be what men want you to be, but more importantly be what women feel comfortable with you being around other man.Now come to patrichy/male dominance .It is also link with biological as well as social construction factors. Biologically, women have to be the breeding machine. She is the one who is physically involved in carrying baby in her worm for 9 months; she is the onewho is going to suffer the pain of giving birth to a baby. She has to get married before 40s unless unable to bear eggs before menopause. This biological difference between man and women also result in the mental and physical difference.
The only way to break away from this difference is to teach all boys and girls –equality, respect non-violence. Let them understand the relationship about Gender’s role and gender power dynamic. The Combination of famines and Masculine trait is just the part of Human. Let’s teach them to manage and value them in healthy way instead of power, dominance and aggression, caste,class,religion.

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