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Human Beings as a bait in the battle of Vice & Virtues

by Rinku Khumukcham
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By:Sorokhaibam Pungamba Singh

         “If you are proficient in writing, don’t just end in your diary”, prompted me to let my words go further afield, far beyond the confinement of my diary. Owing to the evolutionary change of humans, all the reservoirs of divine virtues which were inherited from our ancestors went as a bone only to be refilled with vice-self-centeredness, jealousy, hatred and callousness. The long laid self-imposed tradition of cultivating vice has ultimately bore fruits which are succulent enough to douse the divinely magnificent legacy we were blessed with which ,judiciously should be kept intact and which jealously should be treasured. This makes us an absent-minded wild beast and keeps us far away from the fact that we are here only on a vacation. We are just a sojourner, stopover for a time being and we are meant to live in holistic harmony. As we keep ourselves under the heels of vice, we got engulfed by an imperceptible yet strong enough veil only to give rise to the development of an aversion to the law of living here on Earth as administered by the creator-to accept who you are ,to be content with what you have to live a frugal and simple life  to stick together for better co-existence by contributing our unique talents and skills and above all to enjoy this brief journey to the fullest and moreover to bear it in our mind that nothing else is of permanent importance than being happy and healthy which are without doubt inseparable and intimately connected to each other for there is no such thing as true happiness without impeccable physical and emotional wellbeing and vice-versa.
   Needless to say, it takes courage, honesty, discipline and humility to build even stronger bridges in this co-existence. As human fallibility is something no one can question, our path sometimes went astray. On no account should we adamantly stick to this path if not for its possession of cake-walk-like characteristics. We spent no end of our effort trying to get ourselves accustomed to this path for all it takes is nothing more than vice with which people can generate swift compatibility with ease rather than with virtues. We are kept in bondage, enchanted by the facile and superficial worldly victory and possessions at the entrance of this path and never dared to deviate, unaware to the catastrophic consequences that lurks right from the midway of this path. When we came to know the true value of these virtues we were endowed with, we assuredly will end in tears for we never nourished and nurtured them which hold the nerve to jolly us along, making us stand up ebulliently to the vices and under which aegis we can make the most out of this bumpy ride called life by living a creative, productive, meaningful, peaceful and self-contained life in particular. While we keep watering these venomous and toxic vices to flourish within us in spite of their parasitic nature, we are knowingly putting ourselves at their disposal by being a host. As a consequence, we became increasingly reckless about the true value of virtues, took them for granted and attached no attention and time to nourish them. We blindfold ourselves to the fact that these virtues are the only gems that is worth counting on in the long run and in the face of misery and adversity. They have come a long way with us in an abortive attempt to save us from the jaws of needless suffering. Not wishing to keep on abusing themselves, they declared a battle against the vices in a vain hope that we, humans would take their side and backed them up. Evidently, in the short of reinforcement, victory went to the vices. It will not be a hyperbole to leave a fast fact here at this juncture that they were already at the end of their valour on account of their long existence under absolute suppression, acting a passive role. Truth to be told, they have done their part that God assigned them to do before they deceased. They moved heaven and earth, leave no stones unturned and moved to the ends of the world to make their vice heard only to fall in deaf ears. They did knelt in supplication to bless them with our support, to stand by their side, to jolly them up and particularly to lend endless storm of applause so that they can effortlessly bring down the vices to their knees. But we humans are a complete ignoramus when it comes to the art of escapism from the enchanted cook-up stories and superficial fabrication of artful beings. As the vices put us under a powerful witch-craft, we stand up to the virtues, embolden and slash them one by one like an aggressive and rampaging automaton which has been designed only for the purpose of exterminating the jewels of this world.
      Oh! We humans are so dumb and submissive, very easy to have ducked in self-delusion. How pathetic we are to turn a blind eye to the blatant attempt of vices to use us as a bait solely for their personal aggrandizement!  They know it, without a vestige of qualm, that it would be an encumbrance to their living if they didn’t wipe-out the virtues. Has there been any story of stable symbiosis between diversity and devil in the history of mankind? If so, it’s worth it to deem myself a sluggish critic who have come up on this stage armed with a dash of the ways of the world. If not invest a few minutes of your precious time to yourself and see it for yourself if you are possessed by the vice or by the virtue. Now we got trapped in the icy manipulation of the vices, constant exposure to its harsh and aired vibes awakens millions of demonic traits within us. These vices within us cannot be executed whenever the fancy took us as they already got impregnated, deeply rooted throughout our whole body. As a matter of fact, we have been and still is, an envious wild beast who don’t spree even a jot of their physical and mental energy trying to drag down those happy and successful people around in our world of darkness. Lust for trivial things and obsession with material possession burgeon, an unreasonable apple of discord. The human world is in complete shambles. One day,if we happened to get divine intervention and get rid of these vices and look around to how much extent our human worlds has deteriorated , the chances are that every cell in our body will be under the shadow of boundless unbearable repentance and probably may create history that repentance is a fatal disease which can never be condoned. But when will be this “one day”? Does this “one day “exist or not? Has this “one day” perished long ago? Is this “one day” still far beyond the horizon or deep into the earth’s core? Isn’t it an undisputed fact that we have to create this “one day “in no time before we can utter yet another fallacy “it’s too late? And my question goes on in a rhetorical question’s clothing.
The writer is a student of Millennium Institute of Sciences (MIS) and can be reached to:[email protected]. He is from Bishnupur Ward No-11, Manipur

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