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How to find more Time, Money & Energy in 2022

by Rinku Khumukcham
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The new year is about to knock on our doors. The passing year was very strange and painful. Everyone’s life got messed up all over the world. Some people were taken away, and we got a few sour and bitter lessons also. Moreover, it left us with many regrets. Life is not the same as before. The credit goes to Covid pandemic, digital lifestyle and the internet. Some things have become easy, while some other things have taken a price. On the one hand, mobile and social media have brought the world closer, it has also distanced us from our loved ones and friends. Now the relationships are not as warm as before. We all have got a certain amount of time, energy and money in life. How to make the most of what we already have and how to find what is not there, is a big challenge that everyone is grappling with. So, there’s the market and the media that constantly engages us in things we don’t need at all.
The question is what should be done in such a scenario? Amidst this confusion, I thought that this time let us follow the rule of ‘Less is More’ or say follow the principle of minimalism. Learn to live with as few things as possible, that is, say goodbye to useless things, thoughts and people, and focus on the important things for life. In the language of thinkers, it is called minimalism. Just like if you go out with less luggage while travelling, you find yourself comfortable; similarly life becomes easier by removing the unnecessary things from your house or office. To make the most of this philosophy, we need to consider how we are living each day. How we spend our day, of course, determines how we spend our lives. It really is a tool to help you prioritise the important things in our life. In the words of Joshua Baker of ‘Being Minimalist’, “Minimalism means giving importance to the things that make you happy”.
Everyone can apply this funda of life with the least amount of things in their life and get the most out of it in return. This transformation can be started with small steps in everyday life, such as removing unnecessary items, books, papers, show pieces from the cabinets of your house and organising everything in a systematic way. Do not buy things you do not need from malls, fairs, exhibitions, online shops and physical stores, no matter how big the sale or offer is. But those items must be bought which you need to achieve future goals. No big change happens overnight. Slowly remove the unnecessary things from the house and you will find your home more livable than before. Think of this principle as a filter that will weed out unnecessary things, thoughts and people, and you will get closer to the lifestyle you want. Living in a clean and tidy home, where everything is organised, balanced, can be very peaceful and relaxing. Keep distance from relationships and people who poison your life. Also limit mobile phones, apps and social media so that you can get more and quality time.

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