by Rinku Khumukcham
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Have you ever wonder how a tiny baby grows up into an adult? Just how tender a new born baby is!!! It is a wonderfully beautiful transformation. Life is all about the transformation from one stage to another. Apparently we can classified human life into three stages i,e. Childhood, youthhood and adulthood. All these three stages are interconnected and dependent on each other. 
    Life begins in a family and ends in a family. It is the first institution where a child is taken care of. Parents are our teacher. They play a crucial role in a child’s career guidance. They are obligated to shape and mend a child’s heart with kindness and shows them responsibility as a social man. They can help a society in bringing up good children. 
      Children of their age are very  sensitive in nature. They learn quickly and they are very ambitious.  They love doing new things and grasp them easily. Children are fond of enquiring so parents should be responsive to them in a good way. Can you hunch by now why good parents are needed for children? Children are the sapling and they need to be watered timely and properly for them to blooms beautifully. We quote that children are the nation pillar and they are our future. We build our hope in them and we give our efforts to them so that they can be productive in future.
      Youth are the blooming flowers from a little bud. They have grown up to be a nation builder. It is the stage when we are energetic and it is also a high time to pursue our dreams. We are laden with responsibility and the hopes of our parents. A good youth not only acquired good lessons but put them into use. A far- sighted youth builds a cobweb for a shelter in future. A strong youth defines the power of a family, society and nation. They should divorced themselves from all kinds of evil habits. They are independent as they can take care of themselves now. So they should not act recklessly.When the right time comes they eventually get ready to enter into the next stage. A good youth can form a beautiful family like that of a garden fill with beautiful fragrance.Only a beautiful flower can bear a good seed which would give good saplings. 
     Family is a social institutions performing under a larger scope of institution i,e society. That is, family is part of society. A good family is a characteristic of good society. Parents are the key character and the main producer. There is a high probability for a good parents to breed good children. To prevent a toxic citizen in a society, one shouldn’t unnecessarily form a family if he/she is not fully prepared. All the stages are interchangeably use. One shouldn’t just wait for the best stage to come. The need of an hour is to build a strong foundation in our present stage no matter in which stage we are in. Each citizen should we aware of this and should live the reality of life. One life matters alot which can influence a family and a society like a single rose  can fill the whole room with its smell. You are part of a family and a larger scope of family i,e. Society. Your life matters alot to the society because you live the only one life which you can also fill the hollowness of society. 

Writer – Themneivah Sitlhou

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