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The world will laugh – When India, the largest democracy is without Manipur

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In the beginning the motive was crystal clear. It was about strengthening the bandage of brotherhood among the various communities inhabiting in the state. Protection and preservation of the distinct identity of the various indigenous people of this erstwhile kingdom was every concern citizen’s top priority. The virtue of patriotism runs through the blood of some far sighted intellectuals of this region had well established a platform for the people of this region to collectively fight for a common cause, which is to preserve, safeguard and protect the identity of the people of this erstwhile kingdom called Manipur.
An orgnisation called CIRCA has rightly pointed out. Merger of the erstwhile kingdom to the dominion of India on Oct 15, 1949 is the root of the crisis that is prevailing till today.
Yes it is rightly pointed out. It was the ‘merger’ which some historians term it as forceful annexation that made some of our forefather wage war opposing the merger agreement. One more things that is coming up is that, those content in the merger agreement at which the then Maharaja Bodhachandra signed with the Dominion of Indian authority in September 21 at Shillong is not respected by the Indian authority. That is why it can rightly pointed out that Manipur, the erstwhile kingdom was forcibly occupied and not merely added as a part of the Indian Union. The status provided to this erstwhile kingdom soon after its merger with the Indian union make some far sighted intellectual of  those time worried and prompted them to implant the culture of mass movement. But those have nothing to lose as it was demand about statehood and then later it was about inclusion of our language to the 8th scheduled of the Indian constitution.
The early part agitation can be termed as the people’s desires to become more Indian and the unfortunate thing is that the then Indian authority bought much time to make sure that Manipuri are Indian too.
Now, too peoples’ demand for repeal of AFSPA is also other movement of the people to make Manipuris a real citizen of India. It is a fact, that the world community will certainly make fun of the country if two laws are applied to different citizens of the country. So, the movement for repeal of AFSPA is nothing but to consider people living in this part of India as no difference from those citizens living in other part of the country.
The question of ILPS may sound like as anti Indian movement. But it is not. The beauty of India is its diverse character, resided by various ethnic communities. And to make India beautiful ever it is a much required that each and every community need to be protected. There land, culture, language and identity needs to be protected. If the indigenous Manipuri are perished then the India – which is known to the world for its diverse ethnicities will lost its significance. So implementation of ILP like legislation is a must to keep India shines in the world.
Now, the past one and half decades shows unabated attempt to fail Manipur. For reason which is being understand by even a layman, some force is force is trying hard to segregate the history of this erstwhile kingdom.
A brute force is now trying to make genuine movement of the people as a self destructive move. The strong bondage of brotherhood among the various people has now been shattered. The good intention is easy for someone to turn into an evil mindset for mere gain of some big players who always think of themselves and never bother of how we the people need to live united.
One thing reminding here is that India without Manipur will be a laughing stock of the world community.

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