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The few thousand heroes in Manipur

by Rinku Khumukcham
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Novel Coronavirus- the deadly virus that brings disaster to human kind across the globe is finally pulling out the humane in every human being leaving aside some few people who believe that politics is their religion. Information gathered from internet that has been happening across the world shows thousands people extending helping hand to one another to make sure that human kind survives by defeating the dreaded virus that cause COVID-19, killing thousands of human kinds irrespective of caste, creed, rich poor. These attackers know no religions or community – they attack any human whom they can access too.
The only means, left with the human kind as of now is social distancing and total lockdown to break the chain of spreading the pandemic. As per source recorded by COVID -19 Tracker, there are 1,348,628 confirmed case across the globe where 989010 are active case. The number of death reached 74,916, but the report about the number of death should not panic the world as the recovered patient is 284,802. In India , the number of confirmed case recorded is 4916 out of which 4394 is active. Death toll is 136, and the good news is that the number of recovered COVID -19 patient is 385 (as on April 7, 14hours). Countries like Cuba and China have sent group of doctors to help treating COVID-19 inffected people in Italy, which is now the second hit country in the world.
Coming back to this state of Manipur which have around 30 lakhs population (Subject to correction) only two cases of COVID-19 positive has been reported and among these , the first infected patient who return from UK and confirmed positive on March 24 has been fully recovered after days of treatment at JNIMS. The other patient which was tested positive is also undergoing treatment at RIMS and it is likely that he too get cure from the dreaded disease as doctors, nurses and paramedics,  attending him is working with full dedication to make sure that he be cured. Doctors in the state who were always criticized accusing them for all wrong reason, before the invasion of the virus, now proves that they risk their lives to save people no matter the state has poor medical equipments like PPEs. At time of crisis due to the invasion of the virus the humanity in all the medical practitioner finally showed and is notice by everyone.
Again it is 19 days today, that the state has been put under complete lockdown. There are daily wage earner who lives on hand to mouth in the state of Manipur, but then the fortunate part is that almost all indigenous people have a place to stay. Whether they come from villages to work or to study they have place to stay indoors. The only problem is the shortage of food and other edible items due to the total lockdown. Knowing the problem it is fortunate for the state that irrespective of who is in the voter list the Chief Minister of Manipur directed all MLAs to distribute 4 Kg of rice to each person, no matter they are in voter list or not. The unfortunate part is that except some MLAs the Chief Minister’s directives has not been followed at all assembly constituencies.  But leaving aside these narrow minded people, Manipur is glad to have many individuals who have distributed the essential edible item by buying from their own pocket money. CSOs, students’ bodies are trying to help people who remain hungry and provided them assistance whatever they could.
Manipur still have people (who always think of making money) at time of crisis. Example is the transportation of huge quantity of betel leaves using Cargo plane which will turn more like a poison to kill the people. Had those persons brought vegetable or any edible items those people would have been treated like God . The so call agents nominated by MLAs and some MLAs are also no difference as it is open secret that they too take advantage in this crisis period to make money looting the share of the people.
Remember award winning Hollywood movie – A Thousand Heroes (also known as Crash Landing: The Rescue of Flight 232) , bases on a true story of the crash landing of Flight 232 at Sioux City, Iowa on July 19, 1989. Each and every one of the citizens of  Sioux City came out and help the crash victims with whatever they can. The citizens of the city is still remembers as a city of thousand heroes.
Why not Manipur be another city of thousand heroes  

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