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The Changing face of Imphal Times

by Rinku Khumukcham
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The growth of Human Civilization is the result of communication between human beings which perhaps is the only exceptional gift of the mighty creator. Communication among human being orally and later used sign language if in case the two speaks different languages. Since the growth of civilization the importance of getting in touch with large number of people particularly by those running the government. As the society grows the need for technology to make sure that the idea and policy programme of the government reached out to all is citizen and perhaps that could have been the reason for the speedy advancement of mass communication.
In today’s world, News has become one of the most vital products that we consume everyday. It is also one of the most perishable. The worker who contributes to making a car, bridge, house or even a pair of shoes knows his effort has produced something that will endure- perhaps beyond his life time.
This does not happen with news maker or in other words news worker. The story on which he laboured so hard and which he wrote so eloquently will be on its way to recycling machine a day later – if it is not used to warp a fish or some edible snacks.
By then he is gathering facts for his next story. This does not mean that all that is being produced by news person is of no used and goes in the dustbin. The product of a newsmen is something that will alert the citizens.  It is at this point that almost all the people of the world now consider news media and its products as the nations conscience.
Editorials which is the comparable to the spinal cord of human being condemn the venality of politicians and corrupt officials. If there is a slippage in the public morals or slackness in national purpose, some newspaper, magazine, or broadcast station is sure to deplore the trend. The news media give us advice on protecting the environment, driving the high ways, preventing disaster and even during the time of voting. If there is a political social controversy, a large sector of media has an opinion on way or the other.
Now after six years of survival , Imphal Times is now trying all effort to make sure that events and opinions or criticism to the government policy , reached out to all people not only in Manipur but to all those who are living across the globe interested in understanding Manipur. Imphal Times is a small evening newspaper with inappropriate manpower. Few of us working here spare no pains in rendering our service to make sure that our news report reached out to all the people and that is why we first launched our website www.imphaltimes.com. Later, we also developed Android app which can be either downloaded from our web portal or from the google play store.
Now, as team Imphal Times also felt that a you tube channel specially for Imphal Times is the need of the hour. Information Technology is at its height and highlighting of what we have been reported and critical analysis of why such report are published after discussing with media experts. We expect support from all our well wishers and we do hope our readers will surely attend in the new venture of this news paper.

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