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Solution for social solvency

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Life can be unbearably predictable, especially when it comes to social situations, particularly in the state. One need not be as informed or learned to predict a fairly accurate outcome of the simmering discontent that has been continually brewing since one cares to remember. The resulting situation is one where the people are inured to the social disturbances and unceasing disruptions to normal life. Over time, this leads to a negative psychology where distrust and suspicion precedes every dealings or agreements. At present, the situation has come to such a state that the people have come to accept and adjust to the conflicts and confrontations with an air of resignation. This is a very serious matter and should be given due consideration given that the changing public mentality is a manifestation of the regressive nature of our society. The   increasingly frequent and violent agitations, protests and demonstrations points to an increasingly widening chasm between the government and its people which needs to be examined and addressed before things get out of control and starts snowballing into an uncontrolled mayhem and chaos. As it stands, we are on the verge of being swept away in the deluge of discontent, discord and disharmony that is threatening to engulf the state. We need to collectively and objectively take a long hard look and find a way to stem the tide. This is easier said than done. The state should hold accountability, transparency and responsiveness as the pillars of a sustainable government. On the other hand, demonstrations, agitations and protests are forms of social expressions for real or conceived lacunae on the part of the authorities and should be addressed at the earliest in order for law and order to be maintained and maintenance of normalcy in the society. This freedom of expression, however, is prone to exploitation by certain unscrupulous elements for various reasons. The government should have the political will and determination to curtail such undesirable opportunistic actions so that the public can vent their frustrations and aspirations in a democratic and peaceful manner. Just as it takes two hands to clap, in order to bring about a positive and sustainable change to the society, the government and the public should work in harmony. This can be achieved only when the mental wavelength is tuned in to the same frequency, so to speak. Public demonstrations and agitations are also signs of greater public awareness to the developments in the society. It signals the increasing participation of the masses- a positive sign for the society and a wake-up call for the government. Ignoring such warnings and expressions would always often lead to chaos and straining of relationship between the government and the state. Agitations should be carried out through various peaceful and democratic means such as through discussions, lectures, speeches, meetings, over the radio, television, newspaper articles, lectures, graphic arts such as posters, caricatures, paintings etc, as well as through theater. Resorting to vandalism, destruction of public property and infringing on the rights of another individual would risk jeopardizing the whole movement, not to mention the risks of violent confrontations resulting in physical injuries and loss of life. Agitations are symbolisms of the frustrations of the public, and the government should be proactive in trying to find a solution instead of dithering until things turn uncontrollable and unfortunate. 

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