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Hope and ambition are an intrinsic part of human beings. People almost always find a way to wriggle out of any situation however difficult or seemingly hopeless it might seem. This irrepressible human trait can most vividly be witnessed and experienced in our state. Beset with problems and disappointments in every sphere of life- be it the crony politics and contract culture pervading every public development projects and schemes taking precedence over concepts of progress and development , the duality and conflicts on culture and increasingly alienating stands, artistic constraints and vigilantism that is slowly yet surely chocking freedom of artistic expression and individuality, or worse still, the rise of a breed of human parasites and opportunists ready to pounce on and capitalize upon the slightest hint of weakness of anybody or anything, employing any and every means at their disposal- connections, coercions, threat or even violence to have their way. The perfect ingredients for a superhit blockbuster, one might even summarise with enthusiasm, only if it isn’t for the grim reality of the situation. Just as the darkest hour precedes the dawn, so does the seemingly endless feeling of gloom and despondency in the society gives rise to an undying flicker of hope and expectations, for as things stand now, things couldn’t get any worse than it already is, and that we can only go forward, for the uncomfortable fact remains that our society as a whole is standing with its back against the wall at the moment. And so we move, or at least we hope to. The Imphal-Dimapur national highway has been assured of upgrading to make it withstand the vagaries of nature throughout the year which will translate to increased efficiency in connectivity, decrease in disruptions in transportation of essential commodities thereby stabilizing prices, increase in comfort and safety to travelers, among others. The Thoubal Multipurpose Project is scheduled to be made operational from this year onwards, and efforts are being made to complete the project in the shortest timeframe possible, never mind the fact that the project commenced more than three and half decades earlier. After completion, and on operation of the multipurpose project, acres of fields and arable lands will be provided water for irrigation thereby helping in increasing production while thousands will have access to safe drinking water thereby improving sanitation and decreasing instances of water-borne diseases. The project also proposes to help generate electricity which will add to the available resource at present and help make the state less dependent on others. The Solid Waste Treatment Plant at Lamdeng is scheduled to begin operation by October this year. This will clear the city and adjoining areas of the filth and stench that is proving to be a big hindrance in the efforts to beautify the state, not to mention the clogging of drainages causing flooding and water stagnation raising the threat of spreading vector-borne diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, Japanese Encephalitis etc. A host of other developmental works are either in the offing or are already in various stages of completion. While the increasing pace and seemingly increasing amount of
developmental activities bodes well for the state which has been reeling under numerous forms of disruptions mainly due to the lack of opportunities for development and infrastructures that could made it so, past experiences has put a huge question mark on the end result of these efforts. Those entrusted with the projects should take a proactive role in seeing that these vital activities are carried out according to specifications and in time for the people of this state to stand a fighting chance of catching up with the rest of the world. It is the end result which will ultimately prove the intentions of the leaders true- or otherwise.

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