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Draw salary from Manipur state and raise arms against it simultaneously: Manipur Govt must do some action

by Rinku Khumukcham
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Draw salary from Manipur state and raise arms against it simultaneously: Manipur Govt must do some action

The ITLF and various Kuki Zo organizations have consistently advocated for the withdrawal of Manipur police from Kuki-Zo areas. Paradoxically, recent protests have erupted following the Manipur government’s decision to suspend a Kuki police officer who was seen brandishing sophisticated weapons that were not issued by the state. There is a seemingly apparent contradiction, also a bizarre one, involved in this story of the current turmoil in Churachandpur in the aftermath of his suspension. It reflects a situation where the Kuki-Zo community desires representation within Manipur police but also insists on the removal of the police force from their areas, citing allegations of partisanship in the ongoing conflict.
The suspension case, particularly involving a head constable, has brought to light a troubling revelation. Photographs depict the officer brandishing weapons and stationed at the frontline, suggesting direct involvement of Kuki-Zo police personnel in the conflict against the Manipur state, all while drawing salary from the same entity. This concern underlies the crisis that many Kuki-Zo government employees are facing, as they grapple with the dilemma posed by ITLF’s demand for a union territory while at the same to willing to continue with their positions within the state machinery quite understandable as resigning would entail sacrificing their bread and butter. Another of their concern is, those who are in high ranking official of Manipur state are still hoping that holding on to their position might in a way help the ITLF’s demand for separate administration. For instance, the row over the wrongful issue of no objection certificates by Kuki-Zo officials for affiliation of schools to CBSE in Kuki-Zo areas.
Moreover, how many of these state employees are involved in this ongoing conflict also needs to be questioned? The social media images and footages coming out and also evidenced by the head constable showcasing very sophisticated weapons, a lot of weapons and ammunition are involved in the battlefront unlike before. And, they are being used by trained men from Manipur police. There was also an instance where Kuki police men from Kangpokpi have died fighting alongside the Kuki militants who have attacked Meitei villages. This scenario extends to Kuki-Zo MLAs and ministers, who find themselves similarly conflicted. The challenge lies in reconciling the aspiration for a separate administrative identity and their current positions within the Manipur state apparatus.
The ongoing gunfights at the Northern and Southern tips of Imphal plains, notably in Sugnu and Shantipur, serve as a stark indication of the continuous flow of arms and ammunition to the frontline. The relentless attacks from the Kuki-Zo side strongly imply a substantial supply of weapons and ammunition. Meitei political commentators shed light on the predicament faced by the Meitei side, where a significant number of volunteers have willingly surrendered their arms. However, the state’s inability to secure a ceasefire from the Kuki side complicates the arms recovery process. Reports from conflict-ridden areas underscore shortages of ammunition and manpower in Meitei villages, leading to public frustration and incidents of looting weapons from state armories.
The persistence of attacks from the Kuki Zo side raises pressing questions for the Manipur state regarding the source of their weapons and ammunition. The relentless nature of these assaults also raises concerns about the sustainability of the conflict and the potential external support that may be fueling it.
These prolonged attacks, like the extended gun battles at Shantipur and Sugnu, appear to coincide with major announcements from the home ministry or the state government. The recent attack could be linked to the announcement of the cancellation of FMR and Chief Minister Biren Singh’s reiteration of the earlier Cabinet decision to implement NRC with 1961 as the base year. Given this context, it becomes imperative for the state to disclose information about its employees in these areas who are opposing its decisions and the capacity in which they are involved in the ongoing conflict. Transparency is crucial in tracing and informing the public about those influencing the ongoing conflict, along with identifying the sources supplying weapons and ammunition, creating havoc among the people of Manipur.

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