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Breaking News ! I Found A Family For Fine Environment

by Rinku Khumukcham
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Being in the profession of journalism it becomes mandatory for a person like me to scroll on all news portals, read the newspaper and tune the news channel to find out what has been happening besides those inputs from my team.
During the last few years as I go on to each page of Newspaper, as a visitor in News Portals, as I tune to Television News channels I came across on every pages, every screen ‘ BREAKING NEWS’ ‘ EXCLUSIVE NEWS’ which are of course has a mere connection to my life or I can say no relevance to my life. Don’t you agree with me? I am sure, 99% of you will agree, If you agree with me – I have a humble request to you, please kindly share this BREAKING NEWS that I am going to present you with all your near and dear ones through your social media handles or even through oral narrations.
Here is the Breaking news! I FOUND A FAMILY FOR FINE ENVIRONMENT -at Cheirao Ching, Imphal. Very attractive-small hills in the middle of the crowded Imphal city- thousands of people visited it every day and enjoy the birds-eye view of the Imphal city, hundreds of people came here for morning walks and some for evening walks. All came with their evening snacks, water bottles, eatable items-they enjoy it with their family, friends and left the leftovers of their foods, bottles, plastics at the place where they were. Recently Chief Minister of the state also visited the area and promised to develop the area as a tourist spot and many man-made changes are happening around, authorities are also working to maintain the area as a clean, attractive spot. I spotted today a family at the very same Cheirao Ching but they are a little different- I saw 4 little girls (aged between 8-14years I guess), a woman and man of their early 40s with big sacks, globes in their hand. The children were running from a place to another with full of excitement and sometimes shouted – I found it, one, two, three then informed to their parent and they laugh together for a moment. What the littles girls found were nothing but Plastic bottles / plastic wastes scattered around. They run towards a bottle and whoever picks first – shouted – I found it.
They bring it together and with the help of their parent they put it inside the big sack they brought. Indeed it is big breaking news for me and for all of us in this society that – still humanity alive, still there are many people who love the environment, who cares for the others, Why not we put it out as news. We will bring you much more breaking news for you, never lose your heart. Dear readers if you happened to find such BIG BREAKING NEWS – Please bring it, spread it to society -and it should be our responsibility to encourage and participate in the good deeds done by the family like I found today. I FOUND A FAMILY FOR FINE ENVIRONMENT- BREAKING NEWS OF THE DAY.

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