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How to overcome exam anxiety

by Vijay Garg
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Revise each subject in a timely manner to avoid last-minute stress.
With exams around the corner, it is common for students to feel apprehensive and stressed. While some students are adept at handling the stress, some may not be able to shake it off. A reason for this happening may be due to anxiety. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for them to concentrate and study for the exam. As a result, many tend to fear exams. This anxiety, however, can be easily overcome if one plans well.
Here’s how it can be done:
Start early: Students who revise the topics in each subject in a timely manner find that they can avoid any last-minute stress or exam pressure. The sooner students start, the better. Doing so can also prevent anxiety at the eleventh hour.
Frame a timetable: Create a schedule for each subject. Allot more time for the subject you may need to work more on. Additionally, ensure that it is a realistic one that you could follow.
Prepare notes: Do not try to by heart everything. Take time in reading the textbook. Then, write down the essential points that each chapter highlights. However, don’t blindly write them down. Instead, write it down in a manner that you will understand. Doing so will boost your confidence level when it comes to writing the exam.
Set a target for each day: Keep a daily target for your studies and stick to it. During this time, avoid social media and watching TV as they will distract you from achieving the target you have set.
Take breaks: While you make your timetable, earmark some time for breaks. During your breaks, you can consider doing activities that are not related to your studies. For instance, you could tidy your room or even talk to your friend over phone.
When to study: When do you study better: during daytime or night-time? This is something that you will have to figure out. If you are able to concentrate better in the morning, then study tough subjects at this hour. If you are someone who studies better in the evening, then allocate the study time after that and keep easier subjects for the morning session.
Never compare: Trust yourself and use a method that works best for you. Don’t try to adopt someone else’s methods as everyone studies differently.
Make use of visual aids: While making notes, consider using charts and pictures. Doing so can make revising easier as one can recollect the topic better. To remember it even better, one can consider linking the points together by framing a story around it.
Do not hesitate to ask for help: When you sense you need help with any subject or a particular topic, do not hesitate
to ask for help from your parents and teachers.
Solve past papers: Studying a subject is incomplete without solving question papers from previous years. Doing so will let you know where you stand and how good your preparation is.
Have a balanced meal: Never skip a meal during exam time and avoid eating unhealthy food as it can increase your stress. Instead, have a balanced meal that can keep you alert, calm and healthy.
Sleep well: Don’t study continuously without taking rest. So, try taking a nap in the afternoon. Also ensure that you sleep seven hours in the night everyday.
Meditation: Take some time to meditate everyday as it can help alleviate any exam stress you may feel, give you clarity and remove any unwanted thoughts. What’s more, it can also help improve your focus and performance.
Be positive: While preparing for a particular subject, visualise that you will do well in that exam. Visualising this on a regular basis can enable you to perform better on the day of the exam. So, if you find yourself overwhelmed, start visualising a positive outcome.

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