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Today, in the name of ‘Guide and File’, unverified study material is being provided to our students, which
That is the result of guttin-like shops, untidy coaching institutes and publishers with mercantile professions.  Those materials (‘the material is impure.) are often produced by professional writers who spin the same material and give it to multiple publishers for publication.  Although professional people earn money by selling their examination material, but it is proving fatal for the students.  Such material has been imbibing the thinking power of our students.  Earlier the student used to persevere to acquire ‘knowledge’, whereas the main goal of today’s student is to get a job.  So our students will have to ‘self-examine’;  Because now job is also becoming scarce for them.  For example - 700 seats are vacant in a government office, for which 2 to 3 lakh number of candidates appear in the examination, out of which 75 thousand appear successful in the written examination and by the time of the oral examination, 10 thousand are cut-off.  The students remain.
Only 700 of them are selected after the oral examination.  In such a situation, the statutory selection of  candidates under reservation has also become a ‘daunting’ challenge for the unreserved ‘qualified’ candidates.  That is why in order to deal with all these discrepancies (“handling is inappropriate.”) students should board a boat for detailed study.  Any student who keeps on studying the subject material prescribed under his syllabus, his face remains full of aura of self-confidence.  He is neither afraid of any kind of examination nor remains confused and doubtful about his studies.  The duration of one year is sufficient for the complete preparation of any competitive examination.  Yes, for this you have to make your student life regular and restrained.  Reliable books have to be studied thoroughly.
For this, the ability to choose books should also be there.  Those who are subject experts, one should keep studying the books written by them.  One should also stay away from the shadow of ‘Guide’, ‘Guess paper’, ‘File etc.’, because only their cover page and the guidelines prescribed for the respective examinations are changed and the content inside remains the same, which does not know how many examinations.  is used in.  Such material is not readable, but completely futuristic.  Care should be taken while selecting books also.  For example, for the compulsory subject ‘General Hindi/Hindi-Bhasha’, there are thousands of books of such authors who neither know nor understand any aspect of Hindi-grammar.  With the help of two-four books, a student writes a fatal book or gets two-four people to write it.  The same situation is seen in coaching shops also.  In such a situation, our students have to study future seeker books.

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Vijay Garg

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