God of Physics (Albert Einstein)

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Father of Physics: The father of physics Albert Einstein was born on 14 March 1879 in Ulm, Germany, he moved to Munich with his family at a young age.  His mother was very fond of playing the piano, so Einstein learned to play the piano from his mother Mr.  His father used to do his own business, which was established in Munich as a factory to make electrical goods. In childhood, Albert Einstein did not find anything such that it could be known later.
That he would become a great scientist Albert Einstein (the father of physics) was weak in reading and writing in his school, so his teachers called him a fool.  But later his conjecture proved to be completely wrong. Albert Einstein (father of physics) had learned geometry and functions at the age of 12, the reality is that he was very intelligent. Geometry and functions are the most difficult branches of mathematics.  And it is taught in 10th standard.  When Einstein turned 16, his father wanted him to take over his ancestral business, but Einstein wanted to continue his mathematics and physics studies and wanted
To fulfill his desire to become a teacher of physics, he took admission in the Polytechnic in Zurich, Switzerland, where he passed the examination with good marks and got the teacher’s certificate, while studying there he met Mileva Marek.  After graduation, Albert Einstein (father of physics) made constant attempts to get a teacher’s post but he was unsuccessful.  After being forced, Einstein worked as a clerk in the Swiss Patent Office in 1902, but from there he did not get much salary.
But due to more work there, he used to get time to study.  He spent every moment in the time of 3 years in preparing the formulas that gave a new interpretation of “time and space”.  During the time he used to get in the Patent Office, he used to fill many copies of equations and numbers on his table, at the age of 26, in 1905 AD, he published his ‘Theory of Relativity’.  This theory of the world which became famous was considered by some scientists to be very important in history and the then scientists welcomed this theory but told many inaccuracies in it.  This dispute ended in AD and Albert Einstein was accepted as a mathematician Albert’s theory of relativity was very difficult but it solved many questions.
What had confused mathematicians and physics for years was the new foundation that fueled research and study.  Once Einstein (father of physics) was called to give a speech at the university and the professor there gave the analogy of Copernicus to Albert, after which Albert started working as a professor of physics at the University of Berlin in 1914.  Albert Einstein (father of physics) received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921.  In the year 1933, there was a sudden change in Einstein’s life.
Adolf Hitler became the dictator of Germany, Hitler committed a lot of atrocities on the Jews.  Albert Einstein raised his voice in protest against the brutality of Nalsi, after which Hitler confiscated Einstein’s house and announced a reward for Einstein’s arrest.  But at that time Albert Einstein was out of Germany for his lectures.  Thus Albert Einstein (father of physics) became a refugee.  Once Einstein received an invitation from America, which was written by the Institute of Higher Studies in Princeton, New Jersey, in which it was written that - “We will consider ourselves blessed to have you as a life member”.
Einstein (the father of physics) accepted this invitation and he left for Princeton, after which he worked there for his life. Einstein became a person of identity on the college campus. He loved children very much.  Time was spent playing the violin with his friends, after which Einstein took American citizenship in 1904 AD, America ended the war by detonating the atomic bomb in 1945 AD.  The atomic bomb was based on the initial findings of Einstein (the father of physics).
That- “Matter can be converted into energy and energy into matter”.  Einstein (the father of physics) proved the scientist wrong who said that “matter cannot be created nor destroyed”. Einstein wrote a letter to the then President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939.  In which his attention was focused on the theories of Sillard and Fermi because these formulas were based on Einstein.  Because the aim of the work of Einstein (father of physics) was not destruction and death.  Albert Einstein requested all the countries to establish a peaceful government together so that there is no possibility of nuclear war in the future Albert Einstein’s theories gave an important explanation of the laws of gravity and electromagnetism.  I passed away.
This great scientist Albert Einstein is called the god of physics.

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