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Why Spring is called the King of Seasons

by Vijay Garg
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Although the importance of all the seasons has been told in Hinduism, but the spring season is considered special, the weather makes us feel the change of nature, every changing season brings with it a new message, according to the nature of the country of India, total 6 seasons are major. It is considered as spring season, winter season, winter season, spring season, summer season, rain and autumn season. In these, spring is considered the king of all seasons. There are many reasons behind calling spring the king of seasons. All the reasons have been told like festivals of gaiety and happiness when the crop is ready, auspicious work, marriage, pleasant weather, the seductive fragrance of mangoes, the cuckoo’s cuckoo all come together to create favorable relations, that is why the spring season is called Rituraj.
The same spring has also been called the king of seasons because in this season the fertility of the earth, that is, the production capacity of the earth increases more than other seasons, that is why Lord Krishna has called himself the spring of seasons in the Gita. And is the topmost of the supreme powers. anyway spring She is also considered the best of all seasons. Story of Origin: The killing of a demon named Andhakasur was possible only by the son of Lord Shiva. So, as per the plan of Brahmaji, Vasant was created at the behest of Kamadeva for how the son of Shiv should be born. Spring season Brahma ji praised Shakti, after that Goddess Saraswati appeared, Brahma and Goddess Saraswati created the universe. That’s why Kamdev was given a place in the flowers that grow in new trees and plants in spring.
Characteristic of spring: At the time of spring The season looks very pleasant, that means from the time of spring this season looks very beautiful. This season is at the end of winter and the beginning of summer, that is, this spring season is neither too hot nor too cold, this season starts in normal weather. At this time every person or man is willing to hang out or wants to enjoy the fun of roaming outside the house. This kind of fun comes in this season and all the animals and plants remain green and this season brings happiness in everyone’s life. In this time, in the cultivation of farmer brothers, mustard The flowers appear yellow.
There is greenery in the wheat and fruits from small to big are also planted in the mango tree. New leaves come from the trees. The greenery of flowers and makes the mind happy. Dwarfs start coming on the mango tree.
The sweet voice of the cuckoo starts cooing. By taking a walk in this time, many diseases go away and cool air keeps on blowing, due to which the strength of human age starts increasing. Spring comes after autumn. To be said or seen, the spring season starts from the month of Phalgun. Is. The weather of spring is very pleasant. The effect of spring is visible all around or all around in nature. 

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