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What is the mentality of the people about women?

by Vijay Garg
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Often I have heard men say that nothing is digested in the stomach of women.  If you want to promote something, then tell the women, you will get the publicity without spending any money.  Often we women also laugh with fun on these things.  But recently while traveling by train saw that this privilege is not only for women.  From the time the two gentlemen sat in front of us till they reached their station, the women of their workplace were the center of their conversation.  Sometimes their language was crossing the limits of civilization.  There was such a feeling in his commentaries that it was as if women were the root of all turmoil.
Formally I asked – what do you guys do?  It was felt that his illiteracy would be behind his language and vision.  But this illusion was completely shattered when it came to know that both of them get education from a reputed university and teach in a reputed college.  Then it seemed that all those whose tales are being narrated with so much love, they are either his students or colleagues.  Honestly, I bowed my head in shame at the time.  This is the mentality of people associated with education about women?  He is the Guru and with these qualities we are dreaming of becoming a Vishwa Guru.  I bowed to the gurus of both the gurus with a calm heart and felt reverence for the women who must be facing the frustration of these frustrated great men.
After returning to my hometown, I came across a post in which the word ‘feminist’ was used for feminists.  After seeing these two incidents together, my illusion was shattered that the mentality of those who were brought up and educated in the cities is not anti-women.  It seemed that even in today’s educated society, if a woman would speak about any subject, she would be called a feminist.  If the words of that ‘feminist’ cannot be deducted by logic, then abuse can also be used to destroy it.  And this disease is not of any particular region, caste or religion.  It is a cancer that affects every organ equally.
On the other hand it is also true that a different kind of extremism is seen in women criticizing patriarchal society.  Extremism, wherever it is, is fatal, whether from the side of women or from the side of men.  I always dream of a society where women not only look at their father, brother with confidence, but also do not have fear or ill-will towards other men.  Especially educated women should at least be free from such prejudice.
But when I hear such things about women from the mouths of great men, who carry the burden of great degrees to show the way to the society, then it seems that in reality women have never  A fear free society will be found.  Will they be able to feel safe from them when the teacher talks about reprimanding girls after narrating their love affairs in a full class?
When a man teases, chases or takes a dig at a woman, what is the state of mind of that woman, men cannot understand.  Will any girl in such a situation be able to fearlessly tell her fear or pain to a teacher with the hope of helping her?  An educational institution, where a family sends their daughter with a desire to raise her head and make her move in the society, will she be able to fulfill her dream.
I came from a small town, educated and wrote, where feminism did not have a voice or rather was not aware of it.  Therefore, people’s comments were considered to be the mentality of small towns.  I used to feel the backwardness there.  It used to be that the people of big cities would have big ideas.  This is the problem of small towns.  The people here do not like the freedom of women, because this is a world of uneducated, illiterate.  And then fortunately I got interviews from big cities, then it was understood that every corner of the world is the same for women.
Whether it is a small town or a city, people want to maintain women as a second class.  The most easily available in the market is the character certificate of any woman.  Just a word of two or four people is needed and this certificate is ready.  The world was never made educated for women.  That education system is probably a dream, which should change the mindset of men.

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