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Open letter to the Honorable Chief Minister of Manipur

by IT Web Admin
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Dear Hon’ble Chief Minister,
Sir, I write to you today as a retired Government employee and most importantly as a concerned senior citizen of our so called Sanaleibak Manipur. Through this esteemed daily I would like t express my concern over the sad cause and effect of increasing favouritism and nepotism in various Government Department of Manipur. This is one of the most serious problems in Manipur which are not natural calamity but manmade disaster. However, I appreciate the Government steps in trying to solve the unemployment problems of the State by opening the gate of employment in various Government Department of Manipur. This comes as a great relief to this otherwise disturbed State. Better late than never the Government is trying very hard to mend the holes in the sinking ship through recruitment process. Indeed it is a very welcoming and commendable part of the present Government to utilize the potential of the youths of Manipur. May your Government also succeed in doing so. But the present Government has failed to look into one serious matter which has completely marred the face of the present Government. My actual objective which has compelled me to write this open letter is my curiosity regarding the recent advertisement of dated 22nd & 23rd December, 2016 in the leading newspapers for recruitment of Stenographer Grade – III and Grade IV in the office of the Tribal Research Institute, Government of Manipur. What shocked me is not the recruitment of the said posts but the particular officer by the name of Z. Solomon. The said officer designated as Joint Director Z. Solomon is my contemporary who has retired in the year 2012. What shocked me the most is how an officer who retired five years ago can still be in service till today? It is also interesting to know through the newspaper that he would be conducting the proficiency test and viva-voce of the recruitment in his office room on coming 27th and 28th December, 2016. This is indeed an extraordinary and a shocking revelation.
As a law abiding citizen I accepted my retirement gracefully way back in the year 2012. What a fool I was! I should have asked my contemporary friend Mr. Z. Solomon his secret formula which makes him stays in his post for the last five years even after retirement. And if his charm still works who knows he may continue his service till his death. I am wondering if I was victimized because I was not a tribal officers or a tangkhul Naga. How fortunate of Mr. Z. Solomon being born as a Tangkhul Naga.
I am beginning to wonder now if there is any special kind of reservation after retirement for tribal officers and particularly for Tangkhul Naga tribe? If my health permits me I would definitely meet him in person at his Nagaram residence and asked him about his secret formula of service extension which is very extraordinary. By saying this I have no hard feeling toward the particular officer or his community. But saying this I have no hard feeling toward the particular officer of the same community. I would not mind if the post is held by some qualify officer of the same community. But keeping a retired officer in office for five years or more is an act of deliberate nepotism and favouritism. I would definitely like to asked the Government why this favouritism toward a particular officer or say a particular tribe? What kind of Government appeasement policy is this? I would also like to question the Tribal Civil Society Organizations whether they have agreed to give the said officer post permanently to the Tangkhul officer from Ukhrul?
Nowadays, everyone including me is aware through the newspapers write up about the lobbying of officers for their service extension in Secretariat. I have personally read about it one week ago in Sangai Express and Naharolgi Thoudang Manipuri edition. Even today’s newspapers speak volume about the dirty practice of lobbying in various government departments by retired officers. But the most shocking revelation is the recent advertisement by Mr. Z. Solomon, Retired Joint Director of Tribal Research even after retirement for five years. It is also a living proof of corruption based on nepotism and favouritism. I am not a law expert but in my limited knowledge it is totally against the service Fundamental Rules 56(d) which says that “No Government servant shall be granted extension in service beyond the age of retirement of sixty years”. Now the question is – Is there a different law Mr. Z. Solomon?
For kind information Sir, a landmark judgement was passed by the Hon’ble High Court of Manipur under Chief Justice KL Mohapatra in September 2014 which quashed a Government order that extended service period of Health Director Dr A Bijoy Singh for six months. Many more cases were quashed by the High Court of Manipur in similar line. Now my question is if six months extension is against the law and illegal than what about the case of the Joint Director Z Solomon? Is his service period from birth till death? Recently, many officers of Manipur have retired in the month of October, 2016 and many more are retiring very soon in early part of next years. It is a disheartening scene that many officers are sweating their brow in this cold weather to extend their service before the election code of conduct. I have doubt now that Mr. Z. Solomon might not be left behind. Others may succeed or not but I have a hunch that through his ‘Midas Touch’, Mr. Z Solomon might succeed in extending his service again. It will be good for my dear friend Mr. Z Solomon to remember that holding a public office is like living in a glass house. In this regard to ascertain the fact I am soon filing an RTI in order to know the detail information of his service extension till today. Of course, it is of no use to me and for my better half who also retired recently but it would be quiet beneficent for my children, grand children, relatives, friends and the people of Manipur in general.
Therefore, in this regard I humbly appeal to the Government and the authority concerned to abide by the rules of Law and stop this deliberate favouritism toward Mr Z Solomon. Everyone is equal before the law therefore, based on the prevailing law of the land the service extension/re-employment of Mr. Z Solomon from Tribal Research Institute be curtail/terminate immediately as per the Eight Provision below Fundamental Rules 56(d) which says that when a situation might arise where the grant of extension of service/reemployment might have to be cancelled or modified at a later date for administrative reasons Fundamental Rules 56(d) empowers the appropriate authority to terminate the extension of service before the expiry of such extension. The present Government letting a particular tribal tangkhul officer even after retirement for the last five years is like a dark spot on the face of the present government. It represents the ugliest part of the present Governmnt in its beautifying process.
Therefore, I would also like to appeal the concerned authority of the department Hon’ble Dy. CM Shri Gaikhangam and Hon’ble Parliamentary Secretary Shri Victor Keishing not to do things which would remain as history in bad light. I, also would like to request the present Government under the able leadership of Hon’ble Chief Minister O.Ibobi Singh to stop such ugly practices which would have a deleterious effects on the society and governance in general and the people of Manipur in particular. LET THE RULE OF LAW PREVAIL.
Yours faithfully,
L. Kesho Singh
Retired Govt. Employee & Senior Citizen,
Khurai Lamlong, Imphal

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