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Old age is not a Burden

by Vijay Garg
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(Nowadays, due to economic challenges, instead of joint families are changing into nuclear families)

Old age is the evening of life.  This is a phase that everyone has to go through at some point or the other.  It is said that in old age a person starts behaving like a child, but in today’s context this does not seem to be true.  In today’s era, children have started growing up prematurely, their understanding gets wings very soon.  However, old people seem to be lagging behind due to not keeping pace with the times.
 There are many elders, whose struggle not only made them strong, but also made them capable of coping with situations by being well educated.  With such self-respecting and active people, when physical problems begin to come in the way of aging due to age-related problems, then dependence breaks.  They start going into depression.  Depression is a serious problem of old age.  Many physicians accept this.  Actually, sociality is an essential aspect, without which life is not possible.  Reading, writing, participation in social organizations or constant communication with peers gives you new energy and vitality.  Loneliness disappears.  The happiness and sorrow that you cannot share at home, you can lighten your mind by sharing it with your friends.
 Today life is surrendering in front of commercial and economic challenges.  As a result, no one has time to listen to the elders of the house, understand their plight.  They can mobilize facilities, hire assistants, but cannot devote time.  In such a situation, the elderly person is deprived of the emotional and mental relief that he needs.  Physical disability does not allow him to move anywhere.
 He begins to feel that there is a burden on others.  A self-respecting person never likes this, he likes the path of struggle.  Pray and not run away.  The thinking of our society is also not very encouraging about the elderly.  We marginalize them for life.  Japan is the country of the oldest people, the government there provides facilities for them accordingly.
 We don’t even have ramps in many places to take them on a wheelchair.  It is difficult even for the elderly to get a lower seat in the train.  The Railway Department may pat its back by saving fifteen hundred crores by discontinuing the concession to senior citizens in the fare, but it will not be called sensitive attitude.  There are long queues in hospitals and often proper seating arrangements are not available.
 Elders who maintain some hobby or hobby in life, their age-related struggles also get reduced.  Mental state has a great influence on physical ability.  There are many active writers in my city who have been active successfully in their eighth and ninth decade of life.  He kept getting new energy among the creators and colleagues, he kept going to seminars and events.  Firaq is the lion of Gorakhpuri – For the sake of life, take care of any disease / Life does not go on with the help of only health.
The role of creative hobby in life is important.  She not only keeps you away from unnecessary worries and troubles, but also keeps you free from the hassle of spending time in old age.  The attitude of the people of the house should also be sympathetic and positive in this stage.  Unfortunately, due to economic challenges, our families are changing from joint to nuclear families these days.
 There is also a shortage of volunteers and medical personnel to serve the elderly in the country.  In such a situation, cutting loneliness becomes a problem.  Camouflage thoughts and negativity start to take over.  If some time is given to dialogue and any of your hobbies, then you can get rid of this disease.  But for this, one has to leave loneliness and increase the scope of sociality.  Today the communication revolution has provided many avenues of communication, it is also a ray of hope for such lonely elderly people, from where they will get the touch of fresh air of the world.
 The seniors in our household are a treasure trove of experience.  Thought and tradition.  Let us not neglect them, but bring them out of the darkness of despair.  Take advantage of their experiences, light your future path with the power of their vision and thoughts, because the struggle and life experience they have is priceless, it is going to be lost.  It is our need and duty to preserve it.  After all, any society is known by gratitude, not by ingratitude or professionalism.

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