The Step- Mother

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By- Dr. Nunglekpam Premi Devi

She seems beautiful and active;
She seems to wears her best clothes;
She seems to adore enchanting smiles;
She seems to have a good heart;
She seems to capture everyone at her centre;
She seems to have her final words to each
And every one on her good tone notes;
She seems to please me and all;
She seems to be the best mother I ever have;
She seems to a cool being; but
She is too uncertain and slick.

She talks sweet and lustrous;
She invites brilliantly;
She accomplishes her mission well superb;
She’s brightly artful and she polishes differently
She’s talented; she is capable-
Capable to apt metaphors promptly;
She’s punctual;
She’s quintessential;
She’s skillful and very professional-
Her masterly home-making; I ever have
She seems to a cool being; but
She is too uncertain and slick

She’s bounded with techniques;
She’s reverberating; and her words repeating
She tries and tries; she never gives up tough
Her peal of my absences; her peal of my duties
Echoing all day throughout; reverberating through my veins
I ever feel haunted in my territory; my home
Her reign; her tempting
She seems captivating; her alluring innocence
Her suppression; her concealments to her evil-doing
I am never a being; I bear no identity
She seems to a cool being; but
She is too uncertain and slick

She seems motherly;
She knew seemingly and she professedly reacts;
Her moves stirring, her evidences overwhelming;
Her affectionate ego is proving thousands and millions;
She bravely attacks; I ever submerged damages
She knew no boundary; she knew not her category;
But she seems strikingly mother; mother of agitation
She lies undisturbed; she hides her distress
She hides all her hates;
All her ache mellow; her carving to her tormenting life
She’s plague;
She’s cursed;
She make-up her desolate gloomy soul;
She still sings of melancholy; All I ever experienced
And all I ever have unconditionally; step-mother
She seems to a cool being; but
She is too uncertain and slick
Dr. Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Associate Research
School of Women’s Studies
Faculty Council of Interdisciplinary Studies, Law and Management
Jadavpur University, Kolkata
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