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The world’s largest democracy is a lie when it occupies Manipur and Kashmir nations through its military might – MSAD

by Rinku Khumukcham
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IT News
Imphal, Oct 29,

Manipuri Students Association Delhi (MSAD) in a statement said that the terming of India’s democracy as the world largest democracy is a lei as long as the country forcible occupied Kashmir and Manipur through its military might.
A statement of the students’ body said that 27 October, marks the day the Indian military forces landed in the valley of Kashmir. 70 years on the run, the political conflict remains one of the world’s deadliest. The purpose of the military presence is more than relevant today to those occupying the Kashmiri nation. They have already succeeded in killing more than 30 people even when this month is not over yet. Few days back 10 people were massacred on a single day by this brutal men in uniform. Of the total killed 3 were teenage students who were chasing a bright future. As we sit, write and circulate this message to the people someone is being killed somewhere in the occupied territory of Kashmir. There seems to be no expiration to this military crush on the entire population.
What is the most disheartening of all is the utter silence of the so called progressive intellectuals of this nation. Even the upper caste Hindu left liberal students and academicians in the Indian universities have become an audible voice when it comes to the task of countering Rightwing BJP policies. Recently the BJP government came up with a plan to remove textbooks of Dalit writer KanchaIlaiah from the syllabus of Delhi University and to remove the word “Dalit” from academic discourse. But one thing is for sure– they have removed long time ago the phrase “Kashmiris’ Right to Self-determination.”  So much of their critical and vibrant space of political discourse.
The Indian progressive left should be left to their comfort cocoon when it comes to the aspiration and interest of the Kashmiris. The only time they make themselves visible as an evening star is when they are in the task of “appropriation” of everything that has to do with Kashmiri resistance; the likes of the so called revolutionary students leaders Kanheiya Kumar and Shehla Rashid are the frontrunners in this progressive competition. Looked at from a different vantage point they represent the more vicious force than the Indian right. The narratives and politics of Kashmir that is made to reach the “mainstream” through this left liberal crowd are always the bastardized voices of Kashmir’s reality.
India was a signatory to the International Bill of Human Rights which the United Nations adopted in 1976. It gives legal form to the rights set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed by the General Assembly in 1948. Thus, India’s hypocrisy stands exposed and more so of the Indian liberals who stand for all forms of peoples’ right in India but are dead silent when it comes to Manipur and Kashmir.
Nearly 70,000 people have been killed in the Kashmir-India conflict which is one of the longest and deadliest conflict in modern history. India maintains roughly 5,00,000 soldiers to keep the dispute at its favour. Pakistan remains the favourite punching bag of India when it comes to the topic of Kashmir, but it is only Kashmiris who are blinded and killed by their pellets and bullets. All this takes place right under the benevolent watch of the Indian constitution, a constitution that gives fundamental rights to all humans that is “Indian,” but is instantly suspended to the Kashmiri subject population.
The world’s largest democracy is a lie when it occupies Manipur and Kashmir nations through its military might; when Kashmir and Manipur are two of the most militarized zones on earth, when Manipur University has a permanent military camp inside the campus – the only one of its kind in the world.  The absence of morality and humanity cannot be invisibilized by arming itself with more and more nuclear weapons. India cannot silence a nation, nor can it annihilate the desire for justice and freedom.

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