The Meitei Tribe’s Quest for ST status book handed to CM Biren

The Meitei Tribe’s Quest for ST status book handed to CM Biren

IT News
Imphal, May 22:

Several prominent organizations, including Luwangcha U Ngamkheilakpa, World Meitei Council, Kangleipak Kanba Lup, Meitei Yaipha Lup (Europe), Meitei Diaspora (USA), Global Manipur Federation, Salaai Kanba Lup, Meitei Tribe Union, and the STDC, have successfully launched and concluded a mass missed call campaign advocating for Scheduled Tribe (ST) status for the Meitei community. The campaign ran from November 21 to December 31 and garnered an overwhelming response from the public.
The campaign was initiated to emphasize the importance of ST status as a constitutional safeguard for the Meiteis. Over the course of 40 days, the initiative received around 10 lakh missed call responses, reflecting widespread public support. The successful completion of the campaign underscores the community’s consensus that obtaining ST status is crucial for improving their socio-economic condition.The data collected during the campaign has been compiled into a comprehensive book, which has been submitted to the Chief Minister of Manipur. The book details the public mandate and reinforces the argument that ST status is essential for the Meiteis.”
The status of Meiteis is in a bad position, so we need ST status to improve our condition. It is necessary and the only solution,” stated a spokesperson from the organizing committee. They urged the Manipur government to expedite the pending recommendation for ST status, emphasizing the urgent need for this constitutional recognition. Furthermore, the campaign organizers have called on the government to identify and engage with those opposing the ST status demand. They advocate for open discussions to reach an agreement and for the Indian government to take the necessary actions to support the Meitei community’s plea.

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