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NSCN-IM prepares 50 points demands to ink with GoI under ‘Framework Agreement’

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Claims 4976 Sq. Miles of land for Nagas; separate electoral systems

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National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN-IM) has prepared a 50 points demands including restoration of the land measuring 4976 Sq. Miles to the Nagas or compensations for the land encroached by the Assam Government. A document found from a highly placed source said that the NSCN-IM is all set to put up the 50 points in its first round of meeting with the Indian Government after the signing of the ‘Framework Agreement’ with the Indian Prime Minister on August 3 this year. Peace negotiator R.N. Ravi, during his visit at Imphal on September 2 had stated that the agreement signed with the NSCN-IM was a skeleton framework agreement at which main demands and agreement will be included during the course of talk under the agreement.
Document available with the Imphal Times said that the NSCN-IM demanded a separate election system for the Nagas of the Naga Inhabited Areas (NIA). “The Indian Election System is never matched with the Nagas. So it should be replaced by Selection System of Nagas and also lottery system in rotation can also apply if any qualified candidate is found more than one in any Assembly Constituency in order to eradicate the present corruption system in any Election within the NIA (Naga Inhabited Areas)”, revealed the document.
The NSCN-IM also demands the India Government to recognise Nagas area not less than a Nation.
“GOI should not treat the Nagas as other sections of people living within the countryside”.
The NSCN-IM also said that there shall be no Govt Patta land bandi or allotment order system over the land of Nagas except village Patta and that the land of Naga should not longer be occupied by non-Naga without procedure of Naga Customary laws.
The outfit also wanted the Naga Customary Laws to be continued in the villages and tribal level and  do not want the Indian Judiciary system to replaced it.
“The Naga have its own distinct Customary Law and there is no purchased system of Justice. And for which, they need instant decision in every cases and the non-Nagas who are permanently living within the NIA shall follows the Naga Customary Laws and there shall be no other law court for them with the NIA. And there shall be a Naga Customary Court in every Naga tribal headquarter in NIA and the appellate will be the Commissioner Court, High Court and Supreme Court of India. However, which cases were settled through Naga Oath taken shall not be reopened”, the demands prepared by NSCN-IM reads.
The first meeting between the NSCN-IM and the Indian Govt. is going to be crucial one as the outfit is also preparing no Indian Taxation Act on Nagas, no Indian Forest Act in NIA and will demand the Indian authority to respect the Nagas as one of its friend and the ways of Naga integration cannot be block as per Agreement made in 1947 as well as 16th points Agreement.
The NSCN-IM is also demanding a separate Republic day according to its background history based on 1951 Plebiscite that is on  May 16, every year.
The outfit also wanted the “Nagas Rainbow Flag” to recognise in all the Naga inhabited areas (NIA). The NSCN-IM is also restricting any other religion in Naga areas except Christianity.
A separate Naga Rifles Battalion (NRB) at each district in NIA in order to accommodate the Naga Armies followed by rehabilitation especially for the Naga undergrounds who laid down their lives yesterday for the Naga Common Goal is also in the priority of the NSCN-IM.
After final settlement arrives between NSCN-IM and GOI, the outfit want 3 MPs for Lok Sabha and 3 MPs for Rajya Sabha and increase of 30 MLAs seats for new Naga Assembly House to accommodate the Naga leaders from various levels.
The Outfit also want the Naga nation to be under the Ministry of external Affairs of Indian Government and do not object if a Governor is appointed by the Indian Government.
The points prepared by NSCN-IM also said that “while the Nagas demanded her independent from the British Government based on her traditional rights and also her mandate on 16th May of 1951 Plebiscite, the Government of India (GOI) sent her Armies to Naga Inhabited Area (NIA) and burnt down their homes and hearts into ashes in hundreds of Naga Villages, killed thousands of their innocents lives, chased them out into the wildness form their Native Villages and hundreds of them were starved to death, molested and raped their womenfolk, destroyed their valuable properties including  their worship places and beaten them mercilessly without any reason or guilty. And for which the Naga Villages Chiefs are crying with their respective villages stating that the GOI is very bad.
And as such of the GOI is willing to live with Nagas, she must tender her apology before the Nagas for grossly violation of Human Rights. That adequate compensation for the Naga political victims including the cost of their properties should be paid to them through each Naga Village Authority with the help of DC, ADC or SDO Civil in every Naga villages and the same shall not be dealt by any other Dept. of the Government or the same should not be dealt by the VIPs. And the assessment for the compensation for the genuine victims should be done from each Naga Traditional Villages in order to wipe out the tears from the face of the Naga so that the way of Amicable Settlement will be opened.”
It also said that there shall be at least 99 years of Interim period for the Naga Government and especially for Defence, Foreign Affairs and Currency to be combine with the GOI till the 99 years of Interim Period is expired. “But when the Nagas can stand on their own feet, they should be allowed to look into their own affairs” the NSCN-IM proposal stated.

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