MLA Robindro Assures Justice to Thanga Gangrape Victim

IT News
Imphal, May 16:

MLA of Thanga Assembly Constituency Tongbram Robindro Singh today assured to deliver justice to the victim of Thanga gangrape victim and book those culprits as per the law of the land for their heinous crime if prove guilty.
MLA also clarify that no intervention or fault play were carried out from his end to protect the culprits.
Speaking to media persons at his office chamber, MLA Robindro Singh said that news report appeared at some newspapers about his involvement in protecting the culprits involved in the rape crime is totally baseless as he himself have open doors to any group or organization to extend all form of assistance to extend justice to the victim of rape.
“The truth is there is no intervention or relation with the culprits who have committed the heinous crime with me or my family”, MLA Robindro said.
No hindrance will be given to SSUM or any civil society organization while trying to find out the truth to serve justice to the pare victim instead full support will be given from his side, Robindro added.
Robindro also appealed not to feel any doubt while serving the truth to the public by SSUM or any society organization of the state regarding any anti-human, anti-social, crimes or for any issues occurred in the state rather than criticizing that can hurt the sentiments and not to quote his name in any issues without any proof in the near future.
Being an MLA of the BJP lead government, no political pressure were given to the police personnel or SIT from his side during the investigation of the rape case.
Those culprits responsible for the heinous crimes will be booked and serve severe punishment as per the law of the land, he added.
Robindro appeals the general public to trust and believe in the rule of law as there is no divide and rule policy in the eyes of the law and assured to give full support to the victim serve justice at the earliest and SSUM to clarify the truth for including his name with the case by calling a press conference.

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