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Imphal Feb 11

The whole state was paralysed due to the mass protest organised by Anti CAB protestors’ bodies - People’s Alliance Manipur (PAM) and Manipur Peoples’ Against CAB (MANPAC). The streets wore a deserted look except for the protestors who blocked the roads. Shops were all shut, banks were closed and all private as well as government institutions were paralysed.  The protestors didn’t allow any vehicular movements except for health, religious ceremonies and other essential services.

Protest rallies against the CAB were also organised by the Langthabal Khoupum cultural Club and Langthabal Khoupum woman Society.

And also several sit-in- protest were also staged at every nook and corner of the state as a protest to withdraw the bill from Rajya Sabha.

Even though Police forces forcefully dispersed the protestors of the Ima Keithel who even stay at night to protest against the Bill with tear gas shells and mock bombs injuring six women yesterday, the women folks still continue to stage protest at the Ima Keithel today.

Speaking to the media persons while protesting President of Khwairamband Nupi keithel Semgat Sagat lup Mayanglambam Ongbi Radhesana said that the government should not trigger the third Nupi Lal and added that they were all set for the next Nupi Lal if the government continues to be irresponsible. Speaking angrily she strongly condemned the atrocities of the police forces hurling smoke bombs firing tear gas shells to the democratic protest held by the women folks at Ima Keithel leading to the injury of six protestors.

She also strongly condemned the irresponsibility of the government especially the Chief minister and also other MPs representing the state for being a mute spectator when the state burns for the fear of the CA bill which will be have a huge impact on the indigenous people of the state and the north east.  She added that even the Chief Minister will not be an indigenous in a few years if the CA Bill is passed and becomes an act.

She added that their protest also includes for welfare of the state forces too as they will also be surely affected if the said bill is passed and becomes an act.

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Imphal, Feb 11,

Congress MLAs of the Manipur Legislative Assembly presently camping at New Delhi, lobbying MPs to oppose the contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016, which is expected to be tabled tomorrow, is all set to stage a protest demonstration at the capital city tomorrow.

The MLAs which is being led by the CLP leader Okram Ibobi Singh and CWC member Gaikhangam had already submitted memorandums to the President of India, Prime Minister and the Union Home Minister not to give passage of the CAB at RS besides urging the AICC leaders regarding the issue.

Talking over phone, a Spokesperson of the MPCC, K. Meghachadra said that the Congress MLAs presently camping at Delhi will hold a protest demonstration tomorrow as there is apprehension that the bill might table tomorrow at RS. The interim Budget session of RS being underway will adjourn on Feb 13.

Meanwhile, members of the MPCC today staged a sit-in-protest in front of the Congress Bhavan today. Veteran politician who recently joined the Congress Party , Okram Joy Singh said that the MPCC while strongly oppose the CAB vehemently condemn the police action of yesterday evening at which police team fire mock bomb and tear gas to women of Khwairamband Keithel who were staging democratic protest. At least 6 of them were injured as the police team fire tear gas shell and mock bomb at Khwairambandh Keithel while the women were staging sit-in-protest against the passing of the Bill.

“CAB is nothing but a slow poison for the Mangoloid people of the North East”, O Joy said and appealed the Chief Minister to study the Bill in detail.

“Seems like the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh did not study well the details of the Bill as he often asked the people to study the Bill”, Joy added.

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Monday, 11 February 2019 16:26

Police excess decried

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Imphal, Feb 11,

Youth’s Forum for Protection of Human Rights (YFPHR) expressed strong condemnation over the inhumane action of the Government of Manipur by dispersing the unarmed and peaceful women protestors on the 10th of February, 2019 at Ima Keithel who have been fighting against the passing of the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016 in Lok Sabha on the 8th of January, 2019.
“We consider such an action of the Government of Manipur as an action of suppression of peoples voice by forgetting the facts that the government is formed by the people and to act for the people”, a statement of the Forum said and added that the govt. directives to the police was a total disrespect and betrayal of trust of the people of Manipur and also a disrespect of the UN Covenant on Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women, the mandate of the Special Rapporteur on violence against women and Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association.
“We came across various people across the northeast having been booked under sedition charges for making their comments on the CAB, 2016, unfortunately, the government of Manipur, Tripura and Assam is found going rough with the people which is highly condemnable and found to be an action of misusing the power”, it added.

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Monday, 11 February 2019 16:24

MDA partners camping at Delhi

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Imphal, Feb 11,

As protest intensifies against the contentious CAB, representatives of various political parties including the state BJP which formed the Manipur Democratic Alliance (MDA) had flown to New Delhi yesterday evening. Talking to reporter over phone, Convenor of the MDA, M. Tombi , President Shiva Sena State Unit said that the representative of the political parties will meet Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh today to present the brewing issue of CA Bill, Manipur in particular & NE in general.

A source, however said that whether the Chief Minister will join the MDA in meeting the Home Minister or not could not be confirmed.

The Political parties includes BJP (VP Ashwini Kumar);  AAP ( T Manihar); AITC (Dr S Manouton); Manipur National Democratic Front (K Khagendra) NPP (Sr VP Dr P Jillasana Sharma): Naga People’s Front/NPF (Armstrong Charang); People Democratic Alliance ( L Seth ); LJP (Thangkhanlian Mate).

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Arranging tight security arrangement for almost all Ministers, MLAs of the ruling government headed by the BJP; ordering government staffs to remain in the office so as to protect from agitators; dispersing democratic protest by even firing tear gas and mock bomb to the lady protestors and deploying large number of security force to suppress the people’s movement against the Contentious Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 is not going help from burning the state. Peoples’ angers has crossed beyond limit and the mothers of the state who always stood forward in every movement of the state now stands firm to fight tooth and nail if the Bill is passed. Those who were with the government even pour out their anger against the ruling Chief Minister over failure to address his government’s commitment to the passing of the Bill.
It is just today that we will see no bloods in the street but tomorrow the state may witness bloods running in the street if the contentious Bill is placed at the Rajya Sabha and passed if the SP and BSP abstained from voting.
Addition of a clause, granting of the Manipur Peoples’ Bill is not going to help in convincing the people from the stand against the Bill. The only way that Mr. Chief Minister, the one time friends of the people could return to his position as peoples’ leader is by sacrificing his position in the BJP and joint hands with the people. Resigning from a political party and joining to another or forming another political party is not new. It was already witnessed by the people of the state on how the late Chief Minister of Manipur Wahengbam Nipamacha defected from a National Party and formed the MSCP and become the Chief Minister.
If the Central leadership of the party fails to listen to the state party what is the use of being its member. If the Chief Minister along with all its BJP member threaten resignation, if the Bill is tabled and passed and do as per the commitment the district administration or the police will need no extra security measures to protect the Ministers and some MLAs.
Don’t worry, if you joined the people you will remain as the leader always. After all you were elected as DRPP candidate then after joining the congress you were elected again and after leaving the Congress and joined the BJP you were again elected. It was not the political party that you are chosen as the leader of the people but it was your good work that people have trust in you.
This is democracy, join the people and be our leader again.

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