Zeliangrong Baudi (AMN) reiterated stands on their movement

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Imphal, Aug 1:

Athuan Abonmai president Zeliangrong Baudi (AMN) in a press released stated that the Zeliangrong people’s aspiration to live together under one single administrative unit was based on the firm foundation laid down by Haipou Jadonang, the Founder of the “Naga Raj” and Ranima Gaidinliu the Veteran Freedom Fighter of India. The Zeliangrong people political demand is one of the longest political demands in the North East India which was well recognized by the Government of India. But the political journey of Zeliangrong people had witnessed different situations during the past many years from time to time due to various reasons. The untimely demised of Ranima Gaidinliu, the Veteran Freedom Fighter of India prior to attainment of Zeliangrong people political demand had greatly impacted on the movement where her successors were unable to carry the baton forward. The rise of Naga insurgents movement with physical and psychological threat and intimidation meted out to Zeliangrong leaders to discontinue the demand for which some prominent leaders were shot dead by the Naga insurgent groups in the name of Naga National movement has also been an impediment to the Zeliangrong people’s aspiration it added.
He further pointing that under the barrel of booming guns of the Naga insurgent groups the movement has been lying without any progress all these years despite the fact of burning spirit inside the hearts of the Zeliangrong people to carry forward the demand. In the name of Naga political movement many innocent and promising Zeliangrong people had sacrificed their precious lives at the altar of the Naga National movement and the reciprocation for the contribution and supreme sacrifices of Zeliangrong people towards the Naga cause are injecting the feeling of hatred, instigation for social disharmony and confusion. The contribution and supreme sacrifices of Zeliangrong people for the Naga political cause have been ignored and sidelined out of jealousy. But the contributions and supreme sacrifices of Zeliangrong people rendered lor the Naga cause will be recorded and remain in the pages of history which can never be erased it said.
Unable to bear the ill treatment and undue interferences poked into the affairs of the Zeliangrong people, the Zeliangrong Baudi (Assam. Manipur and Nagaland) during the 10th Oimki (Assembly) held on 15th July, 2020 have withdrawn the Zeliangrong people’s mandate given to NSCN (IM) some years ago. Now the Zeliangrong people are free to lake any decision to shape its own future and destiny to live and prosper as respected and dignified people without any dictate, interference, threat and intimidation from the outsiders in the pretext of Naga national movement.
With the passage of time coupled with the increasing spirit of the Zeliangrong people to continue the movement had at last destined the Zeliangrong people to take resolutions to pursue and carry forward the struggle till the attainment of the long cherished dream of great leaders like Haipou Jadonang. Ranima Gaidinliu and many others. To accomplish the task and to achieve the cherished dream of our great leaders, the collective responsibility of every Zeliangrong is the need of the hour. No individual or group interest or petty issues should be allowed to overshadow the common interest and aspiration of the Zeliangrong people. The question of misunderstanding or ideological differences does not arise when it comes to collective future of Zeliangrong people. It is high time we should uphold the uniqueness and inseparable bond of Zeliangrong people and build our collective future on the firm and solid foundation laid down by our great leaders whose spirits have been guiding us always. Despite facing many obstacles and disturbances the Zeliangrong people have come thus far. The Creator of Zeliangrong is the Almighty God. Zeliangrong people have a great future. Let us unite and march ahead until we establish a rightful and dignified place for ourselves in the comity of states it added.

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