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Youth conclave on exploring a better future for Mankind held

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Imphal Aug 11,

A youth conclave on exploring a better future for Mankind which was organised jointly by The Sangai Express and ISTV networks at Sangai Continental, Imphal today.
Addressing on the conclave Publisher of Sangai Express Nishikanta Sapam stressed the need of having good education. He also differentiate the terms Literacy, Qualification and education and added that the need of the hour is to have good education.
Highlighting the idea of good education Nishikanta stressed that the good education is to enable a good human being. He added that he we are a good human being we will ultimately love the mankind.
Stressing on religion he said that Humanity is the ultimate religion of all. He further said that the integration of heart and mind is needed.
Nishikanta appeal the people and the youths in particular to not have communal thing, and no discrimination of caste, creed, sex and religion.
He concluded that the ultimate goal about good education is to find happiness.
Administrator of Manipur University Jarnail Singh addressing the conclave as the Chief Guest highlighted that China is afraid of India for two main reasons. He added that higher population of youths in India than China is one of the main reasons. Jarnail added that the nation was shaped by the youths of the country.
Making another point he said that the greater agricultural lands of the country than that of China even though China has greater land mass made the Chinese country to fear India.
Focusing on the youths he said that healthy body and a good mind is a a must.
He also said that the official should not stay in their respective office and instead that they should go to places for more better knowledge and to impart more better schemes.
The conclave was attended by Director of RIMS A. Shanta, Director of Social Welfare Ng. Uttam and Professor of MIMS, MU Prof Ch. Ibohal as distinguished speakers.

Rabi Takhellambam

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