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CORCOM extends greetings on International Women’s Day

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CORCOM extends greetings on International Women’s Day

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Imphal, Mar 7:

The Coordination Committee (CORCOM) extends warm wishes to the people of the region on the occasion of International Women’s Day, celebrated globally on March 8 under the theme ‘Invest in Women; Accelerate Progress’ for the current year.
In a statement issued by the Publicity Committee, it was highlighted that while the people of the region do not observe International Women’s Day in the same manner as in European and American societies, they mark the day through acts of struggle and protest. The roots of this resistance trace back to the historic events of Kangleipak, where the ‘first Nupi Lan’ uprising occurred in 1904 against colonial British rule. Subsequently, in 1939, the region witnessed the ‘second Nupi Lan’ against oppressive regimes of the time. The CORCOM also underscores the significance of the Meira Paibi movement, which emerged in the 1980s and persists to this day. This women-led movement, known as Meira Paibi, has consistently stood at the forefront against all forms of oppression. The statement emphasized that the primary focus of the women’s movement remains the liberation of Kangleipak from colonial rule, while concurrently addressing the challenges faced by women within the community.
In a region striving for freedom and independence, CORCOM raises pertinent questions regarding the value of fundamental rights. The statement highlights the plight of numerous women who have become victims of colonial rule, citing incidents of killings, rapes, and the tragic status of widows, including those termed as ‘half widows’, since the 1980s. It further notes similar atrocities during the conflict that commenced on May 3, 2023. CORCOM asserts that Kangleipak currently exists under neo-colonialist control, administered by a fascist regime masquerading under the guise of democracy, where elections have no significance.
CORCOM highlighted the remarkable achievements of Kangleipak’s women, who have brought pride to India through their successes in events such as the Asian Games, Olympics, and various international competitions. However, it pointed out that the army, acting under the colonial authority of Delhi Bandit, continues to perpetrate numerous atrocities against the women of the region.
These actions underscore the ongoing colonial control over the womenfolk. The statement emphasized that these issues are instigated by the colonial masters themselves, who resort to torture when faced with opposition from the people. Consequently, the people of Kangleipak cannot observe International Women’s Day in the same manner as Europe and America; for them, it remains an integral part of their ongoing struggle. The international community has recognized and accepted this observance of International Women’s Day in accordance with the unique circumstances of the society.
CORCOM addressed the concerning socio-economic conditions of women in the region, particularly highlighting the challenges faced by the Ima Keithel economy, which serves as the backbone of women’s economic activities. The statement noted that this economy is now subject to control by capitalists, resulting in a captured market that leaves many women unable to access their capital or sustain their daily livelihoods. Even women employed in government positions face difficulties due to prevalent corruption, requiring them to endure hardships whole the year.
In the handloom sector, thread traders have monopolized the market, exerting control over women artisans. Similarly, women engaged in agricultural labor find themselves displaced by machines, leading to a loss of daily wages. While technological advancements are inevitable, CORCOM stressed the importance of providing accommodations for these affected women.
The statement emphasized that these systemic challenges faced by women have been exacerbated by the colonial regime, further deteriorating their conditions.
The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day, ‘Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress’, highlights the importance of empowering women to drive societal advancement. However, in the context of the ongoing crisis between two communities in the region, this theme starkly reflects the economic impact on the womenfolk. Despite being geared towards women in developing areas, it appears inapplicable to the women of Kangleipak, who have been severely affected by the crisis.
The artificial nature of this crisis has compelled women to take to the streets, engaging in struggles and enduring sleepless nights in red zone areas. The region is engulfed in chaos, with the economy now entirely dependent on uncertain circumstances. Thousands of hectares of paddy fields lie ruined, yet the government remains a passive observer to blockades on highways.
In such dire conditions, women find themselves devoid of opportunities for work, exacerbating poverty levels. The plight of the poor worsens as a result, emphasizing the urgent need for intervention and support in this tumultuous period, the CORCOM statement said.
CORCOM reaffirmed its commitment to championing the rights and dignity of women and striving to liberate them from the atrocities inflicted upon them. It emphasized that the only path forward is to persist in the struggle against the colonial regime until freedom is achieved. CORCOM called upon the community to bolster the movement for liberation with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, recognizing the importance of ongoing efforts to bring about meaningful change.

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