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Continued ignorance of injured Pony appalls public.

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Laishram Ranbir

Severely injured Manipuri Pony is still being left unattended by the Department of State Veterinary, Sanjenthong.

A representative of Imphal Times had already drawn the attention of Dr Saodonkhum Joute, Director of State Veterinary and the Animal Husbandry Department where Joute assured to take the pony in their custody and provide all possible treatment.

Unfortunately, so far staffs of the State Veterinary Department and every other concern authority fails to rescue the suffering pony, with the public having only enough time to slow down their vehicles only for a sympathetic glance at the suffering pony.

A passerby shows disappointment on seeing the pony in the middle of the road and the injuries, raising the question of the use of having a veterinary hospital and their staffs while the pony was languishing and wandering in front of the very Department which is supposed to take care of the animals.

The injured Pony has been seen wandering around the city since long and still spotted loitering near State Veterinary Hospital. The severely injured pony with visible infections and festering wounds on the knee and thigh seems to be getting worse as cuts and bloods could be seen as our staff reporter visited the pony at Sanjenthong.

Many a times, despite the Manipur media and Pony horse lovers reporting stories and incidences of unsecured horses which ultimately threatens the future of Pony, but so far no concrete action has been observed in the state for the welfare of Pony horses.

The question is, why are Manipuri Ponies wondering on the road instead of grazing in the open green fields? Should the injured ponies be put to sleep?

In a recent interview with Rk Nimai, the retired bureaucrat expressed that “no domestic animals either a cow or pony or any other animal are allowed to be set out in the municipality area. However, IMC is not enforcing the rules since the last 3 years.”

Secretary of Manipur Pony Society have also mentioned that “Ponies are seen on the streets of Imphal because there are no proper grazing fields for the Pony in the periphery of Imphal areas and state government need to protect the grazing fields of the Pony or other domestic animals in and around the periphery of Imphal areas.”

Very often, Ponies are seen roaming and loitering here and there, seems they were searching for eatable food and comfortable shelter instead of chewing plastics bags from stinking roadside garbage.

In fact, many newspapers and media firms have written countless number of articles about the Manipuri Pony including rallies by the Pony lovers in the Imphal area conveying the message of the need to protect the Manipuri Pony. Despite these varied actions, countless number of Manipuri Ponies has perished unattended in the recent years.

Imphal Times had not only carry news-report on how the ailing pony is being neglected but also filed written complaint to take care of the injured pony, which is still wandering at Sanjenthong areas, to the Director of State veterinary and Animals Husbandry department.

Also, during the month of October, 2015, Imphal Times Staff found a dead Manipuri Pony dumped on the side of a road near Imphal College, Tiddim Road where passerby claimed that the Pony have been lying dead for more than two days where no government authority bother to collect the dead Pony. Likewise, this year February 19, a white Manipuri Pony died a lonely and painful death on the Street of Kwakeithel, Tiddim Road after suffering for more than 8 hours where the animal could have been save if the concerned department response on time on the very day.

It has been told that State Veterinary Minister Govindas Konthoujam spoke of “Seventy acres of land has been set aside at Heingang in Imphal east district for setting up a pony sanctuary. A proposal for the sanctuary that will cost Rs.78 crore has been sent to the central government.”

Question till date, where the funds have gone which the state government have sanction in the name of providing a better naturally preserved place where the Ponies could gaze and live in the complete harmony with the nature.

Mention may be that Pony is the pride of Manipur as it is the animals that gave birth to the Polo games and the state government has always been talking about protecting and preserving the animals. However, there are certain critic in the last few years as the animals are seen left uncared in Imphal city.

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