College teachers starts protests by wearing black badges: FEGOCTA

IT News
Imphal, Nov 30:

As announced by Federation of Government College Teachers’ Associations, Manipur (FEGOCTA), the Government College Teachers have started democratic protests by wearing Black Badges from 29th November onwards. It will be followed by Sit in Protests from 6th to 9th December and Mass Causal Leaves on 10th and 11th December. Boycott of all Classes from 13th December, 2021 onwards in case the Government fails to implement national policy of 7th UGC Pay.
FEGOCTA once again appeals to all the concerned authorities to implement 7th UGC Pay to avoid any disturbance in academic activities in the Government Colleges. College teachers should not be blamed as they have been waiting since December, 2018 with 4th Cabinet approvals. FEGOCTA is the only teachers’ body in Manipur which has been demanding to implement national policy of both 7th UGC Pay and UGC Regulations, 2018.
7th FEGOCTA agitation is unprecedented and a dark chapter in the history of higher education in Manipur. It is compelled after the failure to implement the 7th UGC Pay for which Orders was issued almost 5 months ago. The democratic protests will continue until national policy of 7th UGC Pay as per the Order dated 3rd July, 2021 is fully implemented in Manipur. FEGOCTA understands the disturbing aspects of collegiate education in Manipur. Failure or delay to implement national policies of UGC and demoralization of the teachers is one of the key factors.

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