After 25 years, MLA of Singhat AC visits the Constituency; ‘Together we shall chalk out a sustainable means of livelihood’: MLA Chinlunthang

IT Correspondent
Lamka, April 15:

After long neglected and sidelined, if not forgotten at least during election, by successive MLAs of the constituency, Tonglon area, situated within 60-Singhat AC of Churachandpur District, is visited today by the current MLA Chinlunthang, after no MLA from the constituency had set a foot for 25 years. It is noteworthy in the annals of 60-Singhat AC, that Tonglon area (comprising of 15 villages) was twice visited by Ex-Minister (Late) Thangkhanlal, the father of the present MLA Chinlunthang of Singhat AC, after which there was no record on any visit paid by the constituency’s MLAs for 25 long years.
As requested by the village chiefs of the area, Chinlunthang inspected the ongoing 8-km long PMGSY-road construction and came to learn that low-grade materials (rocks) have been stored for use in the construction works. He informed the contractors and the concerned officials of the department to immediately discard the sub-standard materials and use good quality ones. In this inspection, the Singhat MLA has been assisted by Kamlianthang, an SO in PMGSY Office, Imphal.
This village road construction project was initiated under PMGSY Order 2018-2020 whereas the work began in 2021. The project is sub-divided under two packages: first package runs from Singhat to Chahnou, 10.180km, covering four villages such as Munpi, Simbuk, Buhsau and S. Mollen, and the second package Chahnou-Tonglon(T), 6.96 km, comprising of another four villages including Hiangmual.
The Singhat MLA also inspected the construction of a bailey bridge over Tuila stream. The construction of this bridge began in 2019, under PMGSY, and was slated to complete in 2021. However, only the base pillars have been erected so far.
Chinlungthang recalled that Tonglon area was well-known for successful orange cultivation in the past. In this, he exchanged and shared views with the area chiefs to revive the orange cultivation as a feasible means of livelihood. He urged the people and all concerned individuals to work sincerely on every development projects coming from the Government, and requested the area people to cooperate with him in his effort to chalk out sustainable means of livelihood in this area.
At Tonglon (P) the Singhat MLA was received by Suanchinpau, an Ex-MDC, along with the area chiefs who apprised the MLA of various issues faced by the villagers ranging from electricity to water and road connectivity. At Hiangmual village, the chief Kapkhanthang himself reported that the only water tank provided in his village was made of sub-standard materials so much so that the water is incessantly leaking, and some of the connecting pipes are also damaged.
MLA Chinlunthang’s maiden visit to Tonglon area of Singhat AC was greeted by the presence of all the village chiefs and personalities such as Ngulkholun, chief of Chahnou, David Lianzaw, chief of Buhsau, Letkhojang, chief of S. Mollen, Thangkhanmung, chief of Tonglon(T), G. Suanchinpau, chief of Tonglon(P), Kapkhanthang, chief of Hiangmual, and others. They appreciated him for personally setting his foot in the area, after no MLA from their constituency had cared to show their faces up for 25 long years. The villagers are more than excited to have a glance of an MLA ever with their own eyes. At Tonglon (T) and (P), students of primary and mission schools greeted him with melodious songs and wreaths.

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