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Imphal, June 8,

After staging series of protest against the government plan to establish Food Park at Yaithibi Loukol in Thoubal district which was acquired for construction of National Sports University, large number of people today came on the street and blocked National Highway for some hours.

Police team which rushed to the spot fired several round of tear gas shells.

One house was damaged and 4 women were injured in the police action . The police team also picked up 4 men and 5 women from the spot.  District Magistrate had imposed prohibition under section 144 of the CrPC  to prevent any untoward incident.

The locals of the area have been opposing establishment of any government project or scheme other then construction of the National Sports University on the ground that the land were acquired for construction of the National Sports University which is now shifted at some other place.

The 4 injured persons have been identified as Keisham Ibema (35) W/o. K.Ibungo, Haobijam Ibecha (40) W/o. H. Raju, Kangujam Sundari (30) W/o. K. Ashakumar and Wangkheimayum Cheneton W/o. Bhorot. They were immediately rushed to District Hospital Thoubal for treatment. A house belonging to one Rajeshwor, wife of Kumar was also damaged after a portion of it started burning after being hit by a tear gas shell. Police arrested 9 persons in connection with the incident have been identified as W. Ibecha, K. Thaja, K. Bilashini, Y. Tombisana, Samu, Larji, Raghu, Dinesh and Ramsing.

Locals of 44- Yaithibi Loukol and land donors association had been urging the State government for return of the land as they are not going to construct the National Sports University. The association also threatens dire consequences if any other project are taken up instead of the National Sport University.

A statement by Manihar, secretary of the association said that the then Chief Minister O.Ibobi government promised to construct National Sport University at Yaithibi Loukol in 2014, besides promising government jobs to unemployed youths. 

He added that they have no objection to the acquiring of the cultivation lands in view of the need of supports of the people in taking up welfare programme of the people

The NSU has been shifted and started construction elsewhere but at Yaithibi Loukol,  the government plans to construct 100 acre of mega food park, 150 acre of logistic park and 100 acre of Jewellers park.

He further said that locals of 44- Yaithibi loukol will not accept the plan.

Meanwhile, before 2/3 days Deputy Commissioner Thoubal, had already instructed and started demarcation at Langthabal Khunou. The locals also opposed the actions of DC Thoubal.  

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Saturday, 08 June 2019 17:46

Tree Plantation at Marjing Polo complex

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Imphal June 8,

Manipur Updates a Whatsapp group is organising a tree plantation programme at Marjing Polo Complex, Heingang on 9th June, 2019 at 6:00 am as a part of its "Mission Green Manipur" programme which was launched on 12th May, 2019 at Kangla fort. The tree plantation program will be attended by Hiyainu, Wife of  Hon'ble Chief Minister N Biren Singh,Adhyakshya (l/E),SP(I/E), D.C. (l/E) and Director of Manipur  tourism.

Mission Green Manipur is an initiative by “Manipur Updates’ the Whatsapp Group” is compromising of likeminded people who join hand to hand together from various region of Manipur. Since its formation, the group has been organising different forms of programmes on giving esteem effort towards achieving social responsibility for all the needy people. The group’s motto is “We for You” meaning the group participate in any kind of activities for growing together in nation building and making equality of all in all prospect of the society.

So far, the said group has organised various events and programme towards economic and environment activities in different regions of the state. The group had donated a sum of Rs.8,400 to one Malem undergoing treatment at RIMS, donated Rs.30,012 to Ksh. Ajit of Khundrakpam who was paralysed in an accident, donated a sum of Rs. 25,080 to Rameshwori of Naoremthong Laishram Leirak for Kidney transplantation and currently working on its ongoing ambitious  project “Mission Green Manipur” to safeguard wildlife and protect environment.

As a part of Mission Green Manipur, the group has already planted more than 350 saplings at different parts of the state like Kangla, Khongjom War Memorial, CC Higher Secondary School, Kekrupat and Imphal East Police Station.

Also, the group has distributed saplings to Imphal East PS and different clubs of different localities.

Speaking to Imphal Times over telephone, Executive Member Chitrasen Shijagurumayum said, “the need of plantation at this critical juncture of Global warming is very much needed. Due to the pressures of overconsumption, population growth and technology, the biophysical environment is being degraded, sometimes permanently. Our objectives are to conserve natural resources and the existing natural environment and, where possible, to repair damage and reverse trends.” Chitrasen further added that “the groups objective is to plant trees at the maximum level to help at some extent in curbing current Global Warming issues, to reverse land degradation and to mitigate climate change.” He stressed on protection of indigenous plants of Manipur and to water the planted trees on regular basis.

The group has set a target to plant more than 3000 saplings at different parts of the state during this Monsoon season.

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Imphal, June 8,

Forest & Environment and MAHUD Minister Thounaojam Shyamkumar today said that the department has set a target to plant around 10 lakh saplings this year in collaboration with various stakeholders during the ongoing week-long observance of World Environment Day (June 6-11) and Van Mohatsav which will be observed in July.
Minister Shyamkumar was attending tree plantation programme held as part of the week-long observance of the World Environment Day 2019 at the complex of the Solid Waste Management Plant, Lamdeng Khunou, Lamsang A/C, Imphal West organised by the Manipur Urban Development Agency (MUDA).
Addressing the media persons after planting saplings, MAHUD Minister  Thounaojam Shyamkumar said at present the people in the State and across the world are reeling under the consequences of the global warming and climate change. He said deforestation among other factors which adds to the destruction of the environment is highly alarming.
He said as part of conserving and protecting the environment, plantation drives are held across various places in the State. Advising that merely planting a sapling will not help in the mission, he said one must focus on the maintenance of the plant that is nurturing the sapling till the maturity. Stating that the Forest Department will collaborate with the NGOs, clubs, local residents for engaging them for the maintenance of the planted saplings, he said they will be given assistance for their service as done in earlier years from the time he took charge of the department. 
Stating that the State Government and the officials are wholeheartedly committed in conserving and protecting the environment, he said that  Chief Minister  N. Biren Singh on June 5, 2019 during the World Environment Day 2019 observance had already announced that the State Government will soon launch a campaign known as ‘Green Manipur, Clean Manipur’ with an objective to protect environment and combat climate change.
Under the campaign, the State Government will encourage every village of the State, both in the hill and in the valley, to protect or develop forest land each having an area of at least 5 to 10 acres. The Government will install gym worth around Rs 5 lakh each at these greenery areas. At urban and semi urban localities, which do not have such land for forest development, people will be encouraged to plant trees at their Umang Lai (Sylvan Deity) complexes.
Around 200 saplings were planted today during the tree plantation programme which was also attended by the officials including  K. Gyaneshwor Singh, Secretary (PDA), M. Joy Singh, Commissioner (MAHUD),Th. Harikumar Singh, Director (MAHUD), officials of Imphal Municipal Corporation including K. Chandrakumar Singh, Municipal Commissioner (IMC),  L. Lokeshwor Singh, Mayor (IMC), Aribam Thaja Devi, Chairperson, Lamsang Nagar Panchayat and local job card holders of the Lamsang Khunou.

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Imphal June 8, 

Aryans Group of Colleges, Rajpura, Near Chandigarh in association with Archery Sports Federation of India today organized 1st National Archery & CRB Crossbow Championship-2019 at its Campus. DSP, Rajpura, S. Manpreet Singh was the Chief Guest on the occasion while Dr. Anshu Kataria, Chairman, Aryans Group presided over the function. The Championship was organized on the occasion of 13th Foundation Day of Aryans Group  
The programme commenced with the formal Lamp lighting & Cake Cutting ceremony by the S. Manpreet Singh, Dr. Anshu Kataria, Director of Federation Ms Savita Joshi etc. Over 300 participants from Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan etc participated on the 1st day with latest Archery, Crossbow & Traditional Archery.  
DSP, S. Manpreet Singh congratulated the participants and their parents. He appreciated the efforts made by Aryans and sports federation to promote sports and the qualities of sportsmanship among the youth to keep them focused from the very beginning of their career.
 Dr. Anshu Kataria congratulated the participants and thanked all the stakeholders, professionals, team members etc for their support in past 12 years. Kataria added that Aryans has constantly added values by incorporating the best technical practices and philosophies to bridge the gap between education through books and the practical realities.
It is to be mentioned that Aryans was started with a MBA course in the year 2007 with one acre land and 100 students and presently the Group has 21 acre lush green campus and running 8 different colleges i.e Aryans College of Engineering, Aryans College of Law, Aryans Business Colleges, Aryans Institute of Management & Technology, Aryans Degree College, Aryans College of Education, Aryans Institute of Nursing, Aryans College of Pharmacy. The group is celebrating the birth date of its Co- founder Mrs Rajni Kataria, Former School teacher as its Foundation Day every year.
Sh. Parvej  Joshi, Harpreet Singh, Harmanpreet, Harjot Singh, Sudesh Kumar were the judges on the occasion

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Everything is fair in love and war. Chief Minister N. Biren Singh anguished and seemingly frustrated announcement at which he stated that – “I will get the result for what I did; they will get for what they did” indicated possible change in the government soon. For the first time in Manipur’s political history, a Chief Minister announced the media that reshuffle in the government will be done within this month. The announcement by Chief Minister is significant as it coincided with rumours talking around about the anger of some BJP top profile leaders on the differences of opinion regarding the allotment of portfolios in the propose reshuffling of the Ministry.
The apprehension among the coalition partner NPP – as there is a possibility of dropping some of the Ministers, all this development in the post 17th Lok Sabha Election says that there is political uncertainty in the N. Biren Singh led government.  
Now, political analysts saw two groups emerging in the BJP led government. When media speculated a crisis over the allotment of portfolio, political analysts on the other hand are serious over a probable change of Chief Minister. However, they are of the opinion that such a change could only be happened as per the wisdom of the Central leadership.
The downfall of the Congress party across the nation is also one factor that is giving impact to the Manipur’s political theatre. The resignation of the top profile Congress MLAs from their respective post at the MPCC also talks volumes even though they declared they will continue to work for the congress party.
“Nothing is impossible in politics and this is politics”, former Chief Minister of Manipur Radhabinod Koijam once said while talking to reporters soon after he joined Samanta Party to become the Chief Minister of Manipur in early 2000. And the then Chief Minister is still right, nothing is impossible in politics, particularly in Indian politics. The tenth schedule of the Indian Constitution is now converted as a toothless tiger. The person in the chair of the speaker of the house who is the guardian of the constitution and legislative affairs is now above everything – on whether to follow the Tenth Scheduled of the anti defection law enshrine in the constitution of India or not.
People appreciated when law makers they elected no matter they violated the constitutional provisions, nobody showed seriousness when MLAs illegally defected from their party to get benefit of their own by joining other political party.
‘Ideology’ is a joke of the Manipur’s politicians and anything they did is forcibly justified as everyone is after money and power.
Points wanted to bring here is that will there be a change in the leadership of the BJP legislative wing by replacing the present one? Or will the matter settled after the visit of central BJP leaders?
BJP National Secretary, in charge of North East states, Ram Madhav   has arrived in the state along with organization Secretary Ajay Jamal to take stock of the new development in the state.
Interestingly, Ram Madhav is the one who announced N. Biren Singh as the leader of the BJP Legislative Party during a crucial party meeting held soon after the Assembly election at Hotel Classic Grande. In that meeting Prakash Goel, Ram Madhav , Prakash Javedkar and Prahar Patel were the main decision makers of the BJP.
The crack in the state BJP which emerges in the BJP led government need to be mended, but how? Will it be the top profile BJP leaders from the state or will it be those Central leaders who will decide on how to mend the crack? This is a million dollar question.
As for the present Chief Minister N. Biren Singh , he is aware of what is a happening in his government. His frustrating announcement regarding reshuffle after the cabinet meeting held at Ukhrul this week can be interpreted in two ways. One – he is confident in protecting his seat;  Two-  he want to sent message to dissidents on how hard is him. But both showed that his chair is shaky.
A stitch in time save nine, remember the proverb – and instead of hot decision better remain cool and stitch the crack by understanding the anger of his colleague , or else – people will only say that ‘Everything is fair in love and war’ if in case there is a change in the leadership.

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Mr. Pakinrichapbo (Advocate)
Samziuram Village,
Peren, Nagaland

Oxford English Dictionary defined stratagem as a plan intended to outwit an opponent.
After reading and following the exchanges of Nagaland’s most followed political writer      Mr. KK Sema (Retd. IAS) with the NSCN-IM and also the southern Nagas represented by its younger populations. I am compelled to conclude for time being that the GOI first stratagem is the plan of setting up of statutory body named Pan-Naga Cultural Body empowered with Executive authority, Budgetary and negotiating powers to function without territorial limits in all Naga inhabited areas as per the salient contents of Framework Agreement (FA) without territorial integrations. The Pan-Naga Hoho body will have a special and separate budget to cover all the Naga inhabited areas.
GOI knowing such proposal without land integration is likely to be opposed not only by the Naga populations but more sternly by the neighbouring states who have warned GOI that any attempt to disrupt their respective states cultural, economic and political lives will not be tolerated has agreed to set up Pan-Naga Cultural Body.
GOI second stratagem is to do nothing but delay signing the final agreement seeing the Naga factions refusing to make any compromise on their earlier stand, for instance, separate flag and separate constitution to be incorporated in the Constitution of India. By now, Nagas ought to be wise enough to know the limits of their strength and whether it will do the people any good by going back to the Jungles in this age. Compromise is the essence of diplomacy.
 I may be wrong but so far any available information’s we have on this Pan-Naga Cultural Body is from the article first appeared in Morung Express on 16.09.17 titled Pan-Naga Hoho under Indo-Naga Framework Agreement by Mr. KK Sema (Retd. IAS).  
I present the following ten points reminding the Naga factions, Naga legislators, Tribal Bodies, CSOs, state politicians (active and retired), Church bodies, public-spirited individuals, student and youth bodies to vigorously initiate inclusive public discourse upon such proposal to reach at consensus peacefully to defeat the GOI stratagem before things go out control:
1.    Can all factions mutually agree to this Pan-Naga Cultural body without territorial integration, in case of opposition from some factions, will GOI forced factions to agree to this set up as part of the final settlement or leave the factions to decide by themselves through violent confrontations like in the past?
2.Can all the factions have equal representations to Pan-Naga Cultural Body?  
3.Will the Nagas of Nagaland and Nagas in surrounding states agree to be governed by this Pan-Naga Cultural Body without territorial integration? Before territorial integration is materialized.
4.Will this Pan-Naga Cultural Body replaced the Nagaland Legislative Assembly? If so, will the legislators and the electorates agree to such settlement? What about Naga legislators/elected members of Autonomous council in surrounding states?
5.In case all factions agree to send representations to Pan-Naga Cultural Body, how will the factions represent, under the name of their factions or on behalf of the people/tribes.  
6.Has Naga legislators, tribal bodies given enough pressure to all the factions to agree to this Pan-Naga Cultural Body or are legislators and tribal bodies secretly plotting along tribal and regional lines. I believe only the sincere and courageous efforts of Naga legislators and tribal bodies can help bring any settlement or another round of chaos.
7.Can all factions after agreeing to this Pan-Naga Cultural Body without territorial integration sincerely seeks democratic process to achieve territorial integrations as GOI have made their position clear again and again that territorial integration can only be achieved by following the democratic political processes?   
8.In case all factions make use of Pan-Naga Cultural Body, how will they deal with opposing neighbouring states?
9.Are the legislators and tribal bodies doing enough to make different factions work side by side for the common good and not see each other as mortal enemies filled with vengeance?
10.How long will the interim period be? More importantly, when the interim period is over, will the civil government be established following a fair democratic process?
I feel the above mentioned ten points need thorough deliberations followed with right actions at the right time if the above-mentioned stakeholders are really sincere in their approach to protect the future of the economically and educationally backward Nagas living in the Indian Sub-Continent. Or will the factions carry on their power struggles among themselves by claiming to represent the voice of the entire Nagas without even checking the number of followers in their designated camp.

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Imphal June 8,

The incidence of Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) also known as Birth Heart Defect in India is approximately 1000 per 100000 live births. Upto 50% of these children require surgical or device intervention in early stage. If left untreated either with heart surgery or device technique, approximately 25% of the children die within the first year; 40% by 4 years; 70% by 10 years and 95% by 40 years. It contributes to about 10% of children mortality in India.
SKY Hospital, Imphal West provides free heart scan (Echocardiogram) for children below 18 years of age particularly those belonging to BPL families on every Tuesday and Friday throughout the years. Free Heart OPD service for children is also provided on these days when the final treatment strategy is given for a particular patient. On 1st September 2015, the Mission for such philanthropic service was launched by Dr. L. Shyamkishore, Chief Cardiologist and Chairman of SKY Hospital and President of Manipur Heart Foundation (MHF) after his return from London with 15 years of extensive experience in the UK. Accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment of these children early in life can help save their life and give them a new lease of life. Till 31st May, 2019, 950 children were provided with free OPD service, of which 936 were provided with free detailed Echocardiogram. The children who benefited from this Mission are from different districts of Manipur.    
Dr. L. Shyamkishore appeals to the people to avail of the opportunity of this free Echo (Heart scan) and free Heart OPD services for children of Manipur and other North Eastern state of India at SKY Hospital on every Tuesday and Friday.

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Assam Rifles Conducts Security Meet

IGAR (South)
Imphal June 8,

Mantripukhri Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) conducted a security meet at Sawombung Company Operating Base (COB). The security forum was attended by the Meira Paibis, ward councilors along with representatives of local youth clubs.
During the meet the locals were sanitised and updated on current situation existing in the area of responsibility. There was also an interaction carried out on necessary measures required to be undertaken by locals in synergy with Assam Rifles for maintaining a strict vigil against illicit activities in the area.  In addition to the security issues, future action plan in respect of civic action projects like medical camps, recruitment in Assam Rifles and Army and career counseling for youth were also discussed during the meet.
The locals expressed their gratitude and appreciated the efforts of Assam Rifles for conduct of such security meetings and ensuring peace in the area and assured their commitment and assistance in maintaining the same. The security meet concluded with tea and refreshments for all the attendees.

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