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Imphal, June 28,

Following failure to settle the differences among the BJP legislators, the Central BJP leadership is likely to interfere and find a way to solve the crisis soon. As almost all BJP legislators including Minister Th. Bishwajit and his team who were revolting for replacing N. Biren Singh from the post of Chief Minister are camping at Delhi. The Central leadership had called Speaker Yumnam Khemchand to take stock of his political narrative regarding the crisis. Deputy Chief Minister Yumnam Joykumar had also rushed to New Delhi in connection with the crisis.

Chief Minister convened meeting of the BJP legislators to sort out the differences day before yesterday but as not many BJP MLAs turn up, the meeting could not be held.

A cabinet meeting held yesterday also saw some Ministers absent.

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh and Education Minister Th. Radheshyam also left Imphal for New Delhi today. Source said that the Chief Minister was summoned by the central leadership to talk about the development. The source added that this time the Chief Minister went along with all his legislators who supports him.

Political analyst are of the view that if the BJP Central leadership fails to resolve the crisis by sorting out the disagreement between the BJP legislators, the center may impose President Rule by putting the state assembly under animated suspension.   

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Imphal, June 28

The 10th Dr. Thingnam Kishan Memorial Lecture organised by Dr. Thingnam Kishan Foundation was held today at Imphal Public Library, Uripok Sorbon Thingel.

Delivering the lecture on Human Trafficked survivors their experience in North East India Prof Ajailiu Niumai of Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy, University of Hyderabad highlighted that the trusting parents mostly from the hill areas of Manipur are easily tempted by the trafficking agents by their false promise of assuring their education and jobs in the metropolitan cities.

She added that they were easily trapped because of the vulnerability as they were poor.

Regarding her studies with the introducer to the agents of traffickers she said that neighbors and friends were the primary introducer believing in the false promise and assurance of jobs and education. 

Ajailiu said that the pattern of trafficking has changed with time and different in various places.

Highlighting the things which hampers in doing research studies regarding human trafficking in the state she said that there is a huge scarcity of secondary data except for few newspaper clippings, the availability of literature seems to be zero for the state.

Clearing the concept of human trafficking where many people believed that human trafficking only deal with sexual exploitation, Ajailiu highlighted the definition given by UN stating that Human trafficking is the recruitment, transportation of persons for the sole purpose of exploitation.

Recalling the days where her inspiration for doing research studies on human trafficking she said that the experience she had on the summer of 2008 where a woman’s younger sister and friends daughter had been employed by a recruiting agent to work as maid in Singapore. She added that Assam and Manipur were the source and transit points of human trafficking and Guwahati being the gateway of North East India for trafficking to the metropolitan cities.

She narrowed down the state of Manipur, Assam and Meghalaya in doing her research.

She further said that the case of human trafficking in Meghalaya decreased because of the strict implementation of immoral human trafficking act and POCSO act.

She also added that Manipur doesn’t have the case of retrafficking as the people of the state have strong community feelings.

Highlighting the character of the departed Dr Thingam Kishan, Ajailiu said that Dr Kishan was a statesman who stands for truth and for the marginalised people.

Filmmaker Bobo Khuraijam in his introductory speech said that not only in academic spheres the Memorial Lecture was organised to spread the ideas about the lectures to the masses.

He said that the DTKF tries to touch the issues of film, sports, theatre and many more not only focusing in the political issues.

He congratulated the well wishers who help in organising the memorial lectures for the tenth times without any gap. 

Meanwhile floral tributes were also paid to Dr Thingnam Kishan. 

The Memorial Lecture was chaired by Board Member of Child welfare Selection Committee N. Jeevanmala.

N Jeevanmala highlighted the needs to care for the victims though many focus primarily on punishing the culprits.  

Member of Manipur Commission for Protection of Child Rights Ahanthem Montu also deliberated on the Lecture during the occasion  

Dr Thingnam Kishan Foundation was established with a concern to bring about social, cultural, legal, economic advancement of the society. DTKF engage and work on various spheres mainly with regard to the field of knowledge, research, social and economic justice, and empowerment of the underprivileged.

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Imphal, June 28,

Armed rebel group KCP-MC in statement said that they have no bad feeling towards the organising committee of Layingthou Sanamahi Kiyong temple and the matter of inaugurating temple.
The outfit however said that the KCP –MC was compelled to react due to the high handedness of the state leaders. It added that the Meitei society is keeping the rage for hundreds of years but the day that the inauguration of Sanamahi Laiyingthou Kiyong temple would inspire and giving hope and trust to the people.
The KCP-MC statement said that they have no bad feeling towards the inauguration of the temple but they are not happy on why the leaders of the state who were suppose to attend the inaugural function stay away.  
The KCP _MC said that there were talk about some people forcing to stay off from the function due to Gao Rakshak.
Unfortunately, on the night of the inaugural function the two leaders who were supposed to inaugurate the temple were found enjoying dinner with an outsider. The Communist party stands truly and firmly against the feudalism. The State government who is adopted by the RSS party would not be our culture head. KCP-MC would not be heated if they had already announced for not attending the function.

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ThoubaI, June.28,

The Divisional Forest Officer, Thoubal Forest Division organised a two days District Level Workshop on Propagation & Utilization of Bamboo begins under the National Bamboo Mission at FDA hall DFO Thoubal today. L.Devala Devi IFS DFO ThoubaI, H..Priyokumar Singh Manager (Trg) CBTC, Pulak Kumar Manadal Asst. Manager (Trg) CBTC and Dr.T.C. Bhuyan Retd. Scientist attended the occasion as Presidium Members respectively.

During the workshop, resource persons 

H.Priyokumar Singh Manager (Trg) CBTC spoke on the topic - “Utilization of Bamboo, Various Treatment and Preservation”, Pulak Kumar Manadal Asst. Manager (Trg) CBTC spoke on “Primary Processing of Bamboo at Village Level” and Dr.T.C. Bhuyan Retd. Scientist spoke on the topic “Bamboo Propagation, Nursery Raising & Commercial Plantation & Management”.

The workshop was also attended by officials and staffs of Thoubal Forest, experts, artisans from different villages among others.

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By : Meghachandra Kongbam
Imphal, June 27,  

The 30 minute long Poulah film- Look at the Sky directed and written by Ashok Veilou won the Best Film in Short Film category of the recently concluded 12th International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala 2019 held from 21 to 26 June at Thiruvananthpuram. The festival, which had over the years evolved into the key platform for non-fiction filmmaking in the country, was organised by the Kerala State Chalchitra Academy as a part of its endeavour to catalyse a vibrant documentary and short film movement.
 The film made in Paulah dialect spoken by Poumai tribe in Senapati District was among 19 films selected for the competition section of the category. The citation read, “A subtle, gentle but emphatic portrayal of political dissent that is also of great anthropological value in the way it documents the life of the indigenous community, its culture, beliefs and philosophies.”
The film narrates about a man outcast by his village for not supporting the village candidate in the election. He shows courage and fights for his right. The film features Ngoale Hepunii of Koide village in Senapati district in the lead role. The wife is played Angela Pou and the two sons by Sousii Veipou and Thole Rahavei.
Hai is a 40-year-old villager with a wife and two sons. He lives in remote Purul village in the sate of Manipur in India’s northeast. His family is outcast by the villagers for not supporting the popular candidate during the election. Despite all odds, Hai fights for his individual right - the right to vote and elect his representatives. Hai’s family undergoes a series of emotional, spiritual and physical tortures from the villagers. Yet, unashamed and ambitious Hai fights for dignity. He defiantly displays inner truth and courage by saying ‘no’, loudly and proudly, to the villagers. Hai and family at the end faces crushing experience of absolute powerlessness when the whole menfolk’s of the village perform social curse upon the family. The mass whooping is followed by shouts “Whoever does not follow the village ways, let them die before the year ends”. The film ends with the grandpa giving blessing to Hai’s sons “Cross over many rivers and mountains; Overcome all evils and troubles; May your live for the greater purpose of humanity”.
The film was cinematographed by Jithu George from Kerala, edited by Pousheru Ngade from Purul village, Manipur, who passed from the Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata in Editing, and Sandeep Singh from Uttar Pradesh designed the sound.
The film also bagged the Golden Royal Bengal Tiger with a cash prize of Rs. 5 lakhs for the best short film award in Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFF) 2018. Earlier, his ‘Tou-Tai’ (Seed) won the Golden Royal Bengal Tiger for best Short Film in KIFF 2016.
The 28 years old director completed his 3-year PG in Direction and Screenplay Writing from the Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata, after graduation in Mass Communication and Video Production from St. Anthony College, Shillong.
He is the son of Thaipei Peter of Purul Village. According to family sources, Ashok is a very simple and down to earth person and continue to focus on his career.
Ashok Veilou’s elder brother Alexander Leo Pou is also renowned documentary film maker, who has got diploma in the Film Production and Television from SRFTI and is now working in National Film Development Corporation.
Ashok Veilou was happy that he was able to tell the story of his people and its rich culture to the world which otherwise might have never been told. He expressed his gratitude to the people of Purul, Koide, Oinam and Shirong for the making the film possible. Ashok Veilou says “My people are the backbone of the film. I want to tell their stories for the better world”.

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The crisis for change of Chief Minister in the BJP led state government is deepening. As some newspaper reported – the Chair of the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh is even shakier than the earlier move by BJP dissidents.
It is co-incident that the Governor of the state Dr. Najma Heptulla has to leave the state handing over the charge to Nagaland Governor PB Acharya. Acharya before becoming the governor was an active BJP leader who was architect for strengthening of the BJP in North East, particularly in the state of Manipur. It would be no wrong to say that PB Acharya had dedicated most of his political life to groom almost every hardliner BJP karyakarta of the state.
On the other hand Dr. Najma Heptulla, the one time MP of BJP and now the governor of the state did not cross her limit and seemed to stay away from any politics of any political party. Except for the part that she invited BJP which got only 21 seat instead of Congress Party which got 28 seats, her presence as the governor of the state was neutral and everything she did was for the people of the state. For example, when the state government remained quiet, at the time when Manipur University remain crippled for almost 3 months, the governor Najma Heptulla spoke in favour of justice and did not side with the man supported by the government. Her love for the state’s rich traditional heritage is well known to everyone.
She is on leave for one month on personal reasons. After all she is also a human being and need to visit her family and daughter.
But what is interesting is that her leave coincided with the crisis grooming in the BJP led government over the demand by some BJP legislators for change of Chief Minister.  
Archarya, having experienced in this kind of practice in politics in Manipur will do the needful and settle the crisis in an amicable way, but not in the capacity of being the governor. This is just a presumption.
Well, one thing that needed to be reminded is that, it was not the peoples’ mandate that a BJP led government was formed, but it was rather the government at the centre that made BJP to form a government in the state. Critics always maintain that the present BJP led government in the state is unconstitutional. And why not? 8 Congress MLAs who had defected the Congress party and joined the BJP are still not officially BJP. They sit among the opposition as they are not officially recognized. Cases for disqualification of them are pending with the Speaker’s tribunal. Having said so everything is possible in politics, particularly in Indian democracy.
Well, the uproar of some of BJP MLA for replacing the Chief Minister is going to last for some time. The Central BJP leaders are no fools and everybody knows that all those legislators of the BJP in the Manipur Legislative Assembly chose BJP and joined it for power by leaving their original parties. The Chief Minister is from the Congress who joined the BJP, the rival Minister including Th. Bishwajit got elected as TMC in the last assembly election and later joined the BJP. Except for the first time legislators like Th Radheshyam, all have started their career at some political party of different ideology and later joined the BJP that too only when BJP came to power at the centre.
Well the crisis which has been giving headache to almost all the Ministers including the bureaucrats is for change of the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh. Question that people are asking is why some BJP Ministers and MLAs are revolting for change of Chief Minister N. Biren Singh. Has there been any scam that involved him? Has there been any report of anti people activities committed by him? (Except his controversial speech at Gujarat at which he bridged the state with the Gujarat). Or Is there any uprising against his action in the state?
In two and half years of his rule, he had made democracy meaningful by introducing many programmes to make sure almost all section of the people participate in the running of the government. Introduction of CMHT, organizing of meeting with all the people with the government every month, bridging of the gap between Hill and Plain people, these are some of the things which he did. He surely has used power for the benefit of the people. Besides, it is him and his colleague Legislators which made the ‘impossible’ , ‘POSSIBLE’ in forming the BJP led government by getting support from the MLAs of the opposition.
Well, the revolt of some of the BJP legislator appeared more about power hungers. Of now who is the leader of the dissidents who can replace N. Biren Singh. Except for some speculation no one has openly come up saying that “I have full support of the BJP MLAs to replace N. Biren Singh”. It is even reported that the same dissident MLAs had a secret pact with Congress party during MP election time to form Congress led govt in Manipur in case BJP loses power at Centre.
As mentioned in our earlier editorial, BJP being the most disciplined political party in the country, it will not easily deal this issue. They will think and act for strengthening the party. And if the dissidents continue, the central BJP leaders will leave no option but to recommend President’s Rule by keeping the assembly under animated suspension. That will be the time when people started voicing their anger against the dissidents & BJP.

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By : Sakshi Jaiswal

It is time to rephrase the saying ‘It is like cancer and there is no cure’ by putting an end to the fear of being diagnosed by the dreadful disease. A 67-year-old resident of South Delhi, Mr N K Choudhary, proved that with hope and courage even the deadliest battles can be won by beating cancer – not once or twice – but as many as six times in a period of 13 years. Mr Choudhary was first diagnosed with oral cancer in 2005, followed by recurrence in 2007, 2010, 2014 and twice in 2018.Heapproached Dr Dinesh Singh, Director – Radiation Oncology, Max Super Specialty Hospital, Vaishaliwhen his oral cancer was detected for the third time in 2010 and started his treatment under the team. Mr Choudhary, visited Max Vaishali  for his radiotherapy treatment for the 5th time.

 In 2005, Mr Choudhary was diagnosed for the first time with tongue cancer for which he had undergone laser excision (removal of tumor using laser) and with few lifestyle modification, he was cancer free for two years and then he developed recurrence in the neck again in the year 2007 for which he underwent modified neck dissection for which he underwent adjuvant radiotherapy. And he was cured and was cancer-free for the next three years.

 However, in 2010 he developed a new primary cancer in hisright tonsil which was treated with concurrent chemo radiotherapy or in this case, re irradiationas he had undergone radiotherapy earlier as well. And through this procedure he led a cancer free life for the next four years.In 2014, unfortunately again, he was diagnosed with carcinoma of left last end of the tooth plate (retro molar trigone region) and hence, had to undergo a surgery (Composite resection with PMMC flap reconstruction) followed by an adjuvant radiation making it his third time of an effective radiotherapy.In February 2018, he again developed a small nodule in his face, lower lip with pus-like discharge. Biopsy from the lip wassquamous cell carcinoma.

 Dr Arun Goel Director Surgical Oncology Max Hospital Vaishali said that seeing the complexity of the case and the recurrence rate after all possible treatment, an internal tumour board meeting of doctors at Vaishali was scheduled to discuss this complex case and its further treatment. It was finally decided that since the surgery already happened   four times in the same location and nearby organs, re-doing the surgery at the same location again for the fifth time would bemutilating and would therefore, lead to a functional defect, it was decided by the tumour board that the cancer would be treated with ‘Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy’, if feasible.

 Post six months, the patient had recurrence in tongue again for the sixth time. Biopsy found out it to be a case of squamous cell carcinoma tongue.

 Patient was still under anaesthesia was shifted from OT to brachytherapy room under the radiotherapy department along with all sterilized conditions. For this patient specifically, aseptic corridors were created, and appropriate measures were taken to make sure that even the lift and passages are infection-free. Intraoperative brachy therapy was delivered at high dose of 10 Gy (grey) single sitting wherein, usually, only 2 Gy is given to a patient. The procedure took place for 5 hours, and went successfully and he was free from cancer.

 Through his whole journey which was filled with hardships, challenges and bleakness, one person who constantly supported him and stood still through thick and thin, was his wife, Mrs Ganga Choudhary. Cancer is a disease that not only affects one person but the entire community surrounding that person especially the partner. 

Speaking on the complexity of the case, Dr Dinesh Singh, Director – Radiation Oncology, Max Super Specialty hospital, Vaishali says, “This case is unique since the patient is a non-smoker and has never used tobacco in his life. Also, from a clinical point of view, administering radiotherapy even for the second time at the same geographical area is a big challenge because the normal surrounding tissues are at a risk of undergoing radiation necrosis. However, those patients who successfully are able to undergo re irradiation get good results. In this particular case, the patient was able to overcome radiotherapy successfully for the 5th time which is extremely rare. It was a very big challenge both for surgical oncology team and radiation oncology team. I could not find any previous reference or case study in which re-radiation was done for 5th time.”

 Six months post radiotherapy, Mr. Choudhary is doing well and there are no signs and symptoms of tissue necrosis. His recent PET CT scan has also shown complete resolution with no evidence of disease.

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IGAR (South)
Imphal June 28,

A lecture on drug abuse and illicit trafficking was conducted by Shangshak Battalion of 10 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) on 27 June 2019 at Sorde, Ukhrul district. In efforts to curb the menace which weakens the social fabric of the populace,the locals were exhorted to be vigilant about drug peddlers and users.
The lecture was planned with an aim to curb the growing trend of drug abuse in the region. The lecture addressed the most vulnerable group consisting of youth and the students. Support of women and elders was incorporated to highlight the ills of drug abuse.
Posters and pamphlets were distributed to the youth clubs of the region. In addition, lecture on drug abuse was attended by more than 50 villagers.The people expressed their gratitude towards the Assam Rifles for having organised the awareness drive for the betterment of the society.

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IGAR (South)

Imphal June 28,

Mantripukhri and Thoubal Battalions of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) conducted security and ex-servicemen meets on 27 June 2019.

Sawombung Company Operating Base (COB) of Mantripukhri Battalion conducted a security meet for the locals of the area. The security forum was attended by the village headman, Youth Club members and Meira Paibis. During the meet the locals were informed and updated on current situation existing in the area of responsibility. There was also an interaction carried out on necessary measures required to be undertaken by locals in synergy with Assam Rifles for maintaining a strict vigil against illicit activities in the area.In addition to the security issues, future action plan in respect of civic action projects like medical camps, recruitment in Assam Rifles and Army and career counseling for youth were also discussed during the meet.

Thoubal  COB of the Thoubal Battalion conducted an Ex Servicemen Meet(ESM) for retired personnel of the Indian Army, Assam Rifles as well as Veer Naris on 27 Jun 19. The meet was chaired by Commandant Thoubal Battalion and Company Commander of Thoubal Company Operating Base. The meet commenced with an interaction with the ex-servicemen, followed by an interactive session in which grievances of ex-servicemen, widows and their dependents were addressed to ameliorate any privation and hardships faced by them. The interaction also provided an opportunity to update the ex-servicemen regarding various new policies and welfare schemes in vogue. The event concluded with tea and refreshments for all the attendees. The interaction brought together the serving and the retired fraternity of Assam Rifles and the Indian Army. Each veteran went back from the venue re-assured of the care and empathy of the Assam Rifles.

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