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Items filtered by date: Monday, 30 November 2015 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

The incredible heritage park at Sangai Festival

Sangai festival will conclude today. The speedy works for making Imphal city a place of attraction for every tourist visiting the state will now be slowed down again. Reason – there is less money in the state exchequer. It has been reported that around 2.5 crores has been spend for this festival that aims to promote tourism in the state. Even though the state is under serious financial crisis, it is indeed a wise decision for Mr. Okram Ibobi to sanction such a huge amount for promotion of tourism in the state.
Now, as soon as the Sangai festival winds up today, most of the infrastructures built to attract the tourists both domestic and foreign at the Festival venue at Hatta Kangjeibung in Imphal West will be dismantled. Even the flowers planted in the middle of the road will be again lifted and renovation of the road median as well as the Kanglapat is likely to stop. This is being stated so because we have witness the kind of act in the last 2/3 Sangai Festival.
Unlike, yesteryear festival, the State tourism department needs to be appreciated this time. The Sangai Tourism this time is unique this time with the inclusion of many item that were never during the last festival. The Asian theater Festival, The Film Festival, The Sumang Leela, Opening of the World War Museum, Opening of Legal clinic and most importantly the permanent like structures of traditional houses build at the heritage park.

It is being learnt that around 1 crores rupees has been spent for constricting the temporary Heritage park with permanent like structures. The traditional houses of almost all ethnic communities of the state are indeed appreciative and the man behind the idea of construction such an authentic park should be appreciated by each and every one of us.
Unfortunate part is that these structures of pride will be dismantled in a few days from now. Imphal Times suggest that let the construction at Heritage Park be left for some times with proper protection.
Most of the constructions are not less than permanent structures and there is no harm an keeping the park for some few more months if possible until next Sangai festival. It can be if proper maintenance is being done be collecting fees from visitors after the Sangai festival. Now all is left to the wisdom of our government especially to our Chief Minister, who deserves credit for the successful conduct of Sangai festival.

Sangai Festival Euphoria; housefull on the last day; many returns disapointedly

The last day of Sangai Festival turn out to be another history for the people of the state as tickets for entry to the festival venue has been sold out before noon, much before the opening of the gate. 
“More than 70000 tickets were sold out today morning” said a ticket counter runner. Interestingly only 30000 visitors are allowed entry per day as according to the directives of the organizing committee.
 Ticket counter located at the back side of City Convention Center, Palace Gate ran out of ticket at around 11:50 am of today’s morning. They have sold 30000 tickets since early morning around 7 am.
One of the person who was standing  at the queue only to get the ticket told our staff reporter that person who were selling ticket at the ticket counter informed them that the ticket will be available after collecting tickets from the Department at around 2pm today but so far no to ticket has been provided.

Sign written as “Ticket Sold Out” was seen hanging at the ticket counter gate of City Convention Center back side. Many were standing in queue despite today’s hot weather.
Though the public were noticed about the unavailability of tickets at the ticket counter, one were compel to pay a sum starting from a minimum of Rs 50 to a maximum of Rs 300 per ticket. To be precise, the actual price of the ticket is just Rs 20 only if its bought from the ticket counter and Rs.21 if booked online.
On the other hand, VDF personals were seen buying bundle of tickets from the ticket counter located near Andro parking. Many person standing at the queue went furious seeing the VDF personnels. One Sub-Inspector(SI) even tried to beat one of the VDF personal after seeing our staff reporting taking pictures of the going on situation.

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2 bombs recovered at two separate places

A timer bomb was found at the road side of Tumukhong Moirangpurel of Imphal East district today. The bomb was first noticed by 39 BSF of Moirangpurel at around 7:45 am.
Later, a team of Manipur Police who rushed to the spot safely defused the bomb at around 12:20 pm. Meanwhile, another bomb was also recovered at the residence of one Atim (46) wife of Akhom of Koirengai near CMC hospital at around 6 am today morning.  

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Nurses recruitment test appeared candidates stage protest

Desperate ANM/GNM candidates who appeared test exam on August 18, 2013 staged protest in front of Medical Directorate office here today at around 11 am while waiting for Director to submit a memorandum for declaring the result. The protest continued till 3 pm today evening as the director did not return to his office room till that time.
According to a candidate joining the protest, the All Manipur ANM/GNM Appeared Candidate, an association which was formed by the candidates of the very Test exam in 2014  had submitted memorandums to CM, Deputy CM, Medical Director twice before but no response were received till date.
“We have come to submit the memorandum to the Director today, but the Director was not in office and stated that they will stage the protest until they meet the director”, said the lady. Around 6,000 candidates had appeared in the said written test exam which was held two years ago with the form submission fees of Rs 600 per candidate.
The angry candidates questioned, “why the examination which was conducted in association with a reputed firm based outside the State with the Technology of Optical Magnetic Recognition Sheet are enable to declare till date”. The kind of exam can be declared in 48 hours as it is examine using computers.

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People may not see migratory birds in and around Loktak lake - Villagers

Environmentalists these days fear extinction of migratory birds in and around lake as many birds were found dead in recent days.  Talking to media persons a local of the area said that the cause of the death of the birds may be due the consumption of poisonous chemical used by the fishermen in the area. They also stated that number of migratory birds which visited Loktak lake is decreasing every year and the reason behind it may be due to excessive use of poisonous chemicals in fishing by fishermen. The degradation of the natural environment & the lake is also another factor, added another fisherman. Till today, Manipur Govt. has not taken any serious & practical measures to protect these migratory birds. Hunting of these birds is also in the area has increase considerably said the villagers. He added that in the near future people may not see migratory birds in and around Loktak lake.

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Shashi Tharoor replies to Bupenda Meitei on Indira Gandhi

Dr Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament for Thiruvananthapuram Lok Sabha and Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on External Affairs, replies to Founder of The Nehruvian Ningombam Bupenda Meitei’s article – What would Indira Gandhi ask Narendra Modi today?
Dr.Tharoor wrote, “Dear Bupenda Ningombam, Thank you for sending me this interesting piece. It is cleverly written, meticulously researched and very well put together. I would urge you to send it on to Mrs Sonia Gandhi, and also offer it for publication in the Congress magazine “Sandesh”.” The reply came personally from Dr.Tharoor from his personal email on 28th November 18, 2015 to Ningombam Bupenda Meitei.

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Sharmila produced to court as usual

Irom Chanu Sharmila who has been undergoing fast-unto-death protest for over 15 years demanding repeal of Arms Force Special Power Act 1958, was produced to the court  of Chief Judicial Magistrate Imphal west A. Nouteneshori at 1:50 pm. She was again remanded in judicial custody until the next hearing, which is scheduled on December 19.
Speaking to media persons at court complex Sharmila appealed the people to come out for a mass protest to support her movement for repeal of AFSPA. She further added that today’s hearing is to record her statement but said that she is happy to give answer the question by the counsel as it was a chance to prove that she is not trying to commit suicide but a democratic protest for repeal of the draconian Act.

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Maoist warn private bank of collecting unbearable interest

Maoist Communist Party, Manipur today warned the private bank runners in the state who are collecting unbearable excessive amount of interest for borrowers even as the outfit encouraged establishment of private economic Institution which enhanced the trend of self-employment culture in Manipur.
In a press statement the outfit however stated some of these private banks contributed a lot for income generation of many people. The statement further added that as the investors and the borrower both are not rich people, both side need to have mutual understanding for a sustainable development of the investor & the borrower. “10% profit is collected from the borrower in 115 days by the private bank. But for those people (particularly street vendors) 10% is a huge burden”, said the Maoist statement. The outfit further appealed the private banks to have the clear understanding regarding this interest.
Maoist Communist Party appeal private bank to take the processing fee reasonably from coming Dec. 12 (Nupi Lan day) and should not exceed rupees 100. It also appealed to collect interest at reasonable rate. The party stated to borrowers to have an effective discussion on the rate of interest since the current interest rate is condemn by the people and the party. The party also welcomed the banks to reflect and to have a discourse through newspaper.

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Manipuris in Delhi supports Palestine’s struggle for liberated Palestine

MSAD, Campaign for Peace & Democracy, Manipur and other likeminded individuals staged demonstration showing solidarity to the Palestinian People’s continuing resistance against US-Zeonist occupation of Palestine and the violation of democratic rights at New Delhi yesterday. The demonstration was staged in connection to the UN’s Global call to action on the Occasion of the United Nations International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People.
While supporting Palestinian leader, Rasmea Odeh, the demonstrators expressed that “The current struggle in all of Palestine is the struggle of all people who want to see peace with justice in a liberated Palestine, a stand against colonialism in all its form and manifestation”. It demanded to address the right to self-determination of the Palestinians and other oppressed peoples, including the people of Manipur on the basis of the Universal principles of democratic rights.
The demonstrators condemned the continuous illegal occupation of all Palestinian lands by Israel and US funding for the Zionist troops.

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 Extra judicial killings in Meghalaya

Iboyaima Laithangbam
There is no gainsaying the fact that insurgents and criminals are making their presence felt at Gao Hills in Meghalaya. However all sections are not in agreement with the law court which directed the union government to enforce the AFSPA there to stem the tide. The silver lining is that ahead of the enforcement of the AFPSA these cold blooded murders were committed which means that the perpetrators should not be immune from prosecution. The draconian law gives blanket exculpation.
In March two bird hunters were gunned down. Two hand guns were planted in the dead bodies once it became known that they were innocent farmers who could never be implicated. But other hunters spilled the beans and an inquiry is underway. This year one teacher and one vendor were returning home after a day’s work were intercepted and shot dead. As they were well known faces the army readily admitted that it was a case of mistaken identity. Two versions were at variance. The system is that the army is allowed to operate at the 20 km belt along the border with Assam. But the local police have to be informed about operations and some personnel taken as guides. In both cases these mandatory arrangements were flouted. Though the army tried to evade the blow saying that (1) the victims who had no registration number but a faulty head light were found to be without offence weapons (2) they were allowed to proceed (3) but there were back fires and other personnel mistook it as sounds of gun fires and as a result they had opened fire. These were fluke shots since the victims were hit and not the personnel who were standing or taking positions nearby. But these versions do not tally with the ones they had reportedly given to the police shortly after the incident.
Activists and elected members are angry and all sections of people under the tutelage of the church leaders are taking out a peace march on December 8 to make an appeal to the insurgents to join the national mainstream for peace, progress and normality. It has become increasingly clear that there will be lots of bloodsheds and the insurgents shall not respond to the peace march.

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