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 Let’s Stop Being A Sleepyhead

 By: - Praveen Elangbam

These days, when I walk across the streets, markets and other public places, I can hear from some people giving vent to their feelings about the imminent Lok Sabha election that they won’t give vote to Tomba or Chaoba even though he is a good,well-educated,social-minded and a veteran politician for he is poor and does not represent an affluent political party.And some others opine that the impending election will be contested by only two or three well off candidates backed by strong and well heeled political parties.Dealing out three or four thousand rupees to each and everyone of us won’t be a difficult task for them.Nevertheless,shall we remain cock-a-hoop with that money in this coeval world?(When some dog breeds even cost lakhs of rupees)       

Instead of conjecturing “the person to be voted” precipitously on the basis of the above mental pictures, it is more advisable to vote for the one who will speak,wrangle and bring off anything for a better change of our crushed society.
Further,it is fatuous to be in a brown study whether he or she will contest the election representing brawny political party or he is wealthy.Moreover,from among the spirited candidates, we need to come down in favour of the more experienced one who has greater participation in the political arena.Also,a brief and clear “Conspectus on the the candidate’s deeds for the people’s welfare in the last few years and his party’s policies “is highly recommendable.
 Lastly,I would like to make an impetration to the people to single out the true leader who has the passionable amount of potential to set alight for the amelioration of our state and its people.And Let us get ready to feel proud to be among those flinging spears into the omphalos of the “Crabs’ culture”,which have been protracted as one of the break-neck stumbling blocks to the growth and development of the “KANGLEIPAK”

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