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Need For India’s Veto Power at UNO

The much waited and cherish dreams for India’s to be the Veto power at United Nations Organisation(UNO) can be cited after Phulwana attacked by Pakistan based Jaish- e-Mohammad(JeM) terrorist master mind behind the Pulwana district of Kashmir India attacked in which 40 braved soldiers of Central Reserve Police Force(CRPF) had lost their life leaving their dear ones.
Jaish-e-Mohammad(JeM) to sanction their asset and to declare as terrorist organization at the UNO has been blocked by China the fourth times under the Veto power, why? Even India supported China candidature when needed for Veto power at UN, P-5 or UNSC.
But the Veto powers like US, Britain and France back India sponsoring JeM,  LeT and it supporter India historical neighbour Pakistan for  economic embargo or US F-16’s already supplied to Pakistan that uses one of the largest democratic country India since, 1947 when Pakistan got independence.
 What’s the needs for India’s - a must to  become one of the members of Veto powers country,  P-5 or UNSC at UNO future expansion else’s terrorists sponsoring by Pakistan could not be put into action and passed resolution at the UNO to be Vetoed by China.

The clarion calls for Veto power countries or the P-5 is to support India’s berth for Veto power at the UN as a responsible and country to counter the terrorist directly or indirectly.
The need of the hour lies the expansion of UNO Veto power expansionism one from Asia continent and another one from Africa continent and also another one from Oceania so as to deals with terrorists and the world peaceful co-existence amongst its member countries.
Lastly the charters of UNO can be put into action and sanctioned  or economic embargo to any  country like Pakistan sponsoring terrorist likes Jaish-e-Mohammad(JeM)  and Lasker-e-Toiba (LeT) organisations that effects India’s security concern throughout  the world. 


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