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The Modi-God Dialogues: A book that seizes our inner quest

by Rinku Khumukcham
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By: M.r. Lalu
Author – MUKUNDAN . P.R
Publisher – Akansha Publishing House
Price – Rs. 500
Reading a book means capturing a world of knowledge. Books on spiritual thoughts are often chosen by people with spiritual pursuits.  I couldn’t fit into the category of a spiritual seeker. But to know more about what the area of spirituality envisions about the complexities of life was part of my personal curiosity. Probably this curiosity landed me to choose one of the most interesting books in the form of a dialogue that I ever came across. The Modi-God Dialogues by Mukundan. P.R, who authored many books on matters of scientific spiritual temper, is a unique work. The dialogue between Saint Modi and God reveals the facts that normal spiritual seekers wish to understand with no complexities pouring in.  Mahatma Modi is a spiritual seeker in the caves of the Himalayas who happened to be blessed with the appearance of God and the duo goes on discussing matters associated with human life. The saint Modi in the book has nothing to do with the Modi of India. The Modi in the book represents the genuine inquisitiveness that any common man possesses and therefore, he represents the common mind of any spiritual seeker who strives to find a solution for all the problems that the human mind faces. Giving a different spiritual outlook, the book, through its interactions between Modi and the God elaborates the possibility that spirituality is capable of, if genuinely followed without any hypocrisy and the world of commotions and bloodshed would find solutions for everything that it considers the most complex.
The book speaks of a new world order that goes beyond the settings of religious symbols and mere gimmicks of unreliable and misleading spiritual practices. Though the book narrates stories from various religious texts, the writer doesn’t take them for granted and, throughout the book, the thought is seen to be going beyond the common perceptions that normal people get entangled in. The reader is drawn to a new world of understanding, that the writer is honestly creating in the book with an intellectual depth. The book also gives ample examples to accentuate the scientific background of a spiritual discourse that India promoted for ages and also criticizes the intellectual manipulation that the philosophical ambiance of India came across. Throughout the book the writer intelligently bridges the gap between the traditional and modern spiritual and worldly parameters with comprehensible verbal illustrations.  He doesn’t hesitate to question the spiritual bankruptcy with which people approach the theme of spirituality and advocates the need of the revival of ever-inclusive spiritual ethos of India in line with the requirement of a neoliberal world.
In his message, Professor S.R. Bhatt, Chairman, Indian Philosophy Congress appreciates the author for his being eloquent about a virtuous society in this turbulent world. Nikola AnandamaliRistic the author of ‘Spirituality for the Global and Digital Age’ recommends this book for its genuine elaboration of individual, collective and cosmic aspects of spiritual evolution.  Carlos Guzman Breton, President of Nanma AC, Mexico emphasizes on the credible validity of the book which goes beyond the mere common spiritual principles. According to him, the book represents and discusses the values that the world should lean on and the dialogue between Mahatma Modi and God is an excavation of such values that come out unravelling the complexities that the world is in. It is an intellectual dialogue that takes the reader to a new realm of wisdom. The book published by the Akansha Publishing House, New Delhi ,is available on Amazon and Flipkart.
(The author is a Freelance Journalist/ Social Worker)


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