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Perspective of Developing and Develop Nation

by Rinku Khumukcham
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By: Themneivah Sitlhou
We are in 21st century where development is our watchword, knowledge and technology our currency and power our interest.  We live in a global village. All these do not take place straight away. Just to brief up we came through ancient, medieval and now in modern. We can distinguish the three periods not only with time period but by our thought process and revolution in technology as well. In our century, we used the most efficient way for learning, transporting and communicating. All these make our life smooth and accessible to a higher standard. As briefted above, it is important to bear in mind that what we enjoy today being in human society such as human rights etc. is the result of sacrifice, struggle, courageous etc. of someone who lay the road for us by instilling a sense of human dignity in us.
India is one of the most developing countries in the world. Indeed, India is the fifth largest economy by GDP in the world and third largest by Purchasing Power Parity. We are taking our new regime in this new world order. We are on a very challenging road to something very magnificient. In life, we pay the price for each hard earn. May we be allowed to reminisce ourselves with pride and patriotic while we remember our Independent Day once again. We have celebrated our 76th Independent Day on 15August 2022. Tears of joy washed or bathed the land of our nation which is the price paid by our soldiers, leaders, citizens etc. by cleansing the land with their self- sacrifice blood. They will forever be embedded in our heart. 
This year, our PM Modi made a grant speech where he addresses five vows which includes for India to become a developed nation in next 25 years i,e. 2047 which will be our 100th year of independent day  celebration. Other vows include to remove any trace of colonial mindset, pride in heritage, unity and sense of duty. It is a given that we should not expect to reach our destination without eradicating the hurdles and without executing our duties as a citizen as well.
Once again let us clarify the term development. There is two perspectives to look at it and only when these two go hand in hand, we can be called a developed nation.  The one perspective to look at is an economic development which is a policy or activities that seek to improve the economic well being and quality of life for a community. For example, improve productivity, higher incomes, improve economic development in a country.  The other aspect to look into development is social perspective. We are social animal which cannot be isolated. When economic development aims to boost productivity  social development aim for quality changes in society. Social development tries improving the well being of every individual. The success of society is linked to the well being of each citizen. 
India is a land of so many social stigma and religious orthodoxies such as practice of sati, dalit outcast etc. To our awry, they are part of our customs as well. With new development and renaissance, new values penetrate in our society and most of these practices are banned atleast on paper.  Remember modern means our thinking process based on universal values such as equality, justice, liberalism etc. Adopting all these right mindset makes us a modern man.  We have a social reformer Raja Ram Mohan Roy influenced by western modern thought and stressed rationalism and modern scientific approach. According to him, religious orthodoxies have become causes of injury, a source of trouble and detrimental to social life and bewilderment to the people. Because of his contributions he is known as father of modern India. Development means an all rounder development. We have Human Development Index that rank nations accordingly with their performance. They look on three perspectives that is life expectancy, education and PCI. As of India, our life expectancy improved allot so do our literacy rate. But social issues such as disparity drag us down. 
While targeting our big goal before us, we still have so many social issues in India. We are never free from woman issues and we still have so many people who do not have enough meal a day while there are others who live lavishly. Woman and children are the worst victim of all. We are aware of the controversy news from Rajasthan where a dalit student is beaten to death by teacher just because he use the tap which is forbidden for dalits. Is India really a democratic country?! With our present stage and where we stand in terms of economy and technology, we call ourselves developing and soon to be developed. But remember only a modern man is expected in a develop nation. Speaking of which, India is still half modern despite of its development as we still have numerous social issues.  There are people who still support and practice unhealthy customs looking the other way round.  Not to forget, social issues such as corruption is one thing that detriment our growth and our society is prone from it. Therefore, only when all these leakages are fixed, we will be a real develop nation.

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