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Disguise prisoner of Modern World

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Disguise prisoner of Modern World

By: Nongpoknganba Soram
How do we define the term prisoner? A prisoner is a person deprived of liberty and confined in a prison or jail as a punishment for his/her commitment in a crime. Hence, Are we going to assume that those who commit crime and are placed in prison are the only prisoner or is there any other dimension of prisoner which we never think of?
If someone ask us to define the present world we are living in we would definitely start by saying that it is a 21st Century modern world, and what idea spring up to our mind when we hear the word modernity or modern world? Usually most of us must be thinking of the inevitable part of science and technology. No doubt, for me also the first thing that comes to my mind about modernity/modern world is also about a world of technology and after a little analysis I would say that it is a world that pretends to be perfect in which technology controls people under the name of development. So, how does a modern world a pretending perfect world and how technology used people instead of technology being used by men is a big question.
Frankly speaking, as a being of this modern world we choose to enjoy more and work less and in order to make our predominant time by enjoying we spent for the most part scrolling social media applications such as Facebook , Instagram, Youtube and so on. The posts including pictures and videos that are shared and uploaded by diverse masses in this platform are so charming and it pleased us beyond our expectations that we all will definitely agree that these posts are another version of the word perfection. However, if the posts are examined and analysed to find out the true authentic reality we would come to know that it is just the partial truth and not the pure and absolute reality as people only shared the beautiful posts thereby concealing the major imperfect moments.
For every single individual there must be another person in which the individual believes that particular person is quite perfect. But in actual reality the life of that particular person must also be facing the same or even worst problems than common people do and even his/her life must be filled by discontenment, dissatisfaction and imperfection. Let’s take an example for to stand as a proof that our life is not hundred percent perfect . Did we come across a single day till now without problems? The answer is definitely No. Thus no one is perfect and life itself which is said to be a creation of God is never perfect.
Since we are born in the life of humans there must be a meaning, purpose and goal for the life we live. In order to turn the dreams into reality there is in need of huge effort to be put from our side. There is a Chinese proverb that says the man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. But by the time we must carry the small stones i.e when we must have to put essential small steps so as to reach our goal; the social media apps, games and all these stuffs that are in our smart phones makes us forget our necessary work by displaying all the enjoying and entertaining programs and making us falsely believes that our life is super comfortable and perfect, and the compulsory work that must be done by us is unable to start just as a prisoner whose freedom was stolen. And thus here we are not only living the life of a disguise prisoner in this Modern World but also justifying once again the famous phrase of Jean Jacque Rousseau “ Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains”.

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