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Why is PM Modi’s visit to Manipur important?

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Why is PM Modi’s visit to Manipur important?

Manipur’s Chief Minister N. Biren Singh has recently stated that it is not a question of whether the Prime Minister should come to Manipur or it, PM is touch with Manipur government regarding the situation around the clock. However, his remarks inadvertently highlighted the deep-seated expectations of the people of Manipur for more direct engagement and visible leadership from the top echelons of power. So, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Manipur is crucial in view of the severe unrest and public outcry in the state. His absence, or perceived negligence of what has been happening in Manipur, has enraged not only the people of Manipur but also the people of the country.
Attention on Manipur surged following an impassioned speech by a Congress MP in Parliament, vividly highlighting the ongoing issues in the state. This speech brought national focus to a region that has long felt neglected by the central government. Prime Minister Modi’s response to the Congress MP’s speech was widely perceived as inadequate and dismissive, lacking the depth and empathy expected from a leader addressing the concerns of a marginalized community. This perceived indifference has fueled widespread dissatisfaction and calls for a more proactive and empathetic stance from the central government. Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi, has been vocal about the need for peace in Manipur. During his recent visit to the violence-hit state, he interacted with affected communities and shared his observations through a video on social media. Rahul Gandhi emphasized that Prime Minister Modi should personally visit Manipur, listen to the people’s problems, and appeal for peace. He highlighted the ongoing tragedy, noting that despite his three visits since the violence began; the situation remains dire, with the state divided, homes burning, innocent lives in danger, and thousands of families displaced and living in relief camps.
Rahul Gandhi’s call for the Prime Minister’s personal intervention reflects a broader political strategy by the Congress and the INDIA bloc to pressurize the government into taking decisive action to end the crisis in Manipur. Their efforts to raise this issue with full force in Parliament underscore the urgency and gravity of the situation.
If Prime Minister Modi’s visits Manipur, the visit will carry immense symbolic and strategic importance. Firstly, it would serve as a direct acknowledgment of the issues raised and the dissatisfaction expressed by the people of Manipur. It would be an opportunity for the Prime Minister to demonstrate solidarity with the state’s residents, offering them a sense of recognition and assurance that their voices are being heard at the highest levels. Secondly, this visit is crucial for restoring faith in the central government’s commitment to the region. By engaging directly with local leaders, communities, and stakeholders, Modi could address the grievances head-on, outlining concrete steps and measures that the government intends to implement. This move could help bridge the gap between the central and state governments, fostering a more cooperative and harmonious relationship.
Moreover, Prime Minister Modi’s visit could be a platform to address larger concerns that extend beyond Manipur. It would provide an opportunity to discuss broader issues such as regional development, security, and the integration of the North-East with the rest of India. It would be an opportunity to heal wounds, rebuild trust, and pave the way for a more inclusive and responsive governance model.
As the people of Manipur await his potential arrival, the hope is that this visit will mark the beginning of a new chapter, one where their voices are heard, their concerns addressed, and their place in the national narrative reaffirmed.

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