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Time for introspection

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Today, Manipur is going through a state of political flux, and by the look of it, the resulting change is most likely to be radical and far reaching. The people had evidently woken up to the undesirable realities of our present society and have, perhaps for the first time, started nurturing a very serious sense of responsibility for the state never considered earlier. The time is right for a little bit of introspection and to recognize our share of responsibility in making the much desired change. First off, is everything unwanted happening in the state the fault of the government? Popular public opinion holds that the onus of diagnosing the social, political and economic ills, as well as finding the remedy lies entirely with the elect government. This concept implies that the representatives, once elected, should be left on their own to do the biddings of the society. This also perhaps explains the political passivity and ignorance amongst the public which is more widespread and serious than we are led to believe. This also brings about a deeply ingrained practice of abdicating its social and political responsibility for favors and contractual benefits, thus relegating administrative and matters of routine governance to play second fiddle to activities that appeals to their personal interests. This institutionalization of corruption and favoritism spills over to election when aspirants spare nothing to get themselves elected, more often than not the highest spender emerging victorious. Are we to blame such unscrupulous elements trying to hold the reign of power? Shouldn’t we be better off introspecting and admitting to the fault for encouraging and perpetuating such regressive practices when we either accept their freebies and financial largesse or other favors for our own selfish ends.
The changing political and social tide has already gathered momentum and will be difficult, almost impossible to hold back. But the limited options at present do not inspire any confidence or enthusiasm. Most of the individuals leading the parties who are not privy to the power and clout have already been tried and tested and have come up short- the classic example of putting old wine in new bottle, the only difference being that wine, with age get better. The parliamentary form of democracy being adopted in the country has many inherent flaws, and until we are aware and ready to face the truth, the impetus for change will be lacking. We need to force the political players in the state to revert from their present mindset of being the rulers over the public to servants chosen by the public to represent and work on behalf of the public to fulfill their collective aspirations and wishes. We should not wait for things to happen. We have to make things happen. It is time we involve ourselves and participate in building our own future the way we would like to be. 

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