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The rising crescendo

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An eventful and mostly controversial term of governance is drawing to a close for the state. The third term for the government with O Ibobi at the helm of affairs in the state has so far seen and experienced myriad controversies and various unpleasant and unsettling developments interspersed with spurts of positive outcomes which, much to the consternation of both the public and the government itself, are short lived and comparably insignificant that they got crowded out and pushed to the backstage by the relentless outbreak of social, financial and legal mismanagements. What the public has inferred from the last three terms of governance by the same party with pretty much the same set of political heavyweights at the core is one which smacks of opportunism, nepotism and cronyism, not necessarily in that order. The public perceived the government as one which has used and refined the system to benefit themselves and their subservient coterie at the cost of the general public, thereby resulting in widening of the chasm between the haves and the have-nots in terms of resources, connections, influence and power. The inevitable emergent social situation, a repercussion of fifteen years of suppressed ire, impotent rage and pent-up frustrations has created that much needed opportunity for those waiting along the sidelines of the political arena to rear their heads and get a toehold to the conscience and consideration of the public. Subdued whispers and indecisive murmurings have started to collect themselves into a cohesive voice of demand for change- any change- even at the risk of experiencing a worse five-year term than ever before. This turn of events is a clear manifestation of the acute disappointment and delusion being increasingly felt towards the present government and its style of governance by the general public- an increased proclivity to take risks and reject the present system which has failed to present a better future for the society.
Yet the alternative- the risks which a lot of people are increasingly willing to take does not hold much promise either- at least at this juncture. Dirty infighting, mud-slinging and washing their dirty political deeds in public is more the norm rather than displaying serious efforts to convince the public of their intent to address the issues which are threatening to throw the state into perpetual turmoil right now. To make matters worse, most of the self-appointed contenders for the top spot are old horses whose mettle were tried and found wanting on several occasions. Where does that leave the public? Certainly in a spot tighter and infinitely more uncomfortable than ever before. But this confusing situation also provides a vital opportunity to the people in the state to ponder over and air their views more clearly and loudly. It creates an invaluable space for the previously apolitical individuals to get themselves involve in politics- at least in analyzing and voicing their aspirations and expectations.
With less than a year to the next general election, the political scenario is witnessing increased activities with mixed feelings of extraordinary expectations and foreboding. The ultimate result should reflect the matured mentality and informed choice of the public who are connected, educated and opinionated- more than ever.

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