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Shameful! Kukis exploit their women’s dignity as a weapon

by Rinku Khumukcham
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The outbreak of violence in Manipur, allegedly sparked by Kukis in Churachandpur, has transgressed from the physical to the digital domain. Dishearteningly, Kuki social media users have chosen to target the honour of Meitei women, exploiting the platform to distort an iconic symbol of Manipur’s resistance: the image of twelve brave mothers who protested, unclothed, at Kangla’s Western Gate in July 2004 against the rape and murder of Thangjam Manorama. It was much before the video of two Kuki women went viral.
The social media users have dishonoured these courageous women by mockingly labeling them as “prostitutes,” and making distasteful comments implying that “Meitei women always disrobe when they see Assam Rifles.” Yet, in the face of this online assault, major media outlets, intellectuals, and civil society organisations in Manipur have shown restraint, choosing to sideline these incidents in order to maintain balanced reporting and to prevent further escalation of tensions.
The decision not to amplify such provocations is indeed laudable. An unrestrained spotlight on these incidents could have led to an intensification of protests, notably by women’s groups like ‘Meira Paibi,’ potentially resulting in more untoward incidents. The media’s role in regulating the flow of information in this volatile situation is a testament to their commitment to journalistic ethics.
In stark contrast to the Meitei media and civil society organisations, some Kuki platforms have chosen to exploit the situation to tarnish the image of Manipur and its people, further exacerbating the tension. Their objective is to push for a separate administration, and to this end, they have shamelessly used their women as weapons, exemplified by the recent viral video of two naked women.
Their decision to publicize such videos, instead of seeking justice through legal channels, demonstrates a disregard for the honour and dignity of Manipuri women. It has been reported that Kukis have attacked Meitei women, even committing acts of rape. However, Meitei women, valuing their honour, have chosen not to publicly disclose these assaults to prevent worsening the volatile situation.
In a testament to the spirit of unity that exists even amidst chaos, the victims of the disgraceful video incident reported to theWire.in that Meitei men rescued them from the mob, offering them clothes and ensuring their escape. Videos exist of these Meitei men braving the mob to rescue the women, but they have not been publicized, as doing so would play into the Kukis’ objective to defame Manipur, Meitei, and India, and their pursuit of a separate land.
In response to the degrading acts perpetrated by some, there has been a call to unearth videos of Kuki men assaulting Meitei women to join this unsettling social media warfare. Yet, Meitei women, holding their honour paramount, refuse to publicize their ordeals. The Meitei community continues to refrain from exploiting their women and children who have been subjected to sexual violence as weapons in this battle.
This narrative underscores the urgent need to rise above the pettiness and callous acts that have marked the recent unrest. As we ponder this disheartening situation, let us remember that it is through honour, unity, and respect for each other’s dignity that we will find the strength to overcome this trial.

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