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Real terror unmasked

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The undeniable truth that has long been eluding the people has been laid bare today for all to ponder upon. The sensational revelations of head constable Herojit can no longer be denied or ignored. What has been presumed by the public and concluded by the national investigating agency- the CBI has been proved true beyond any trace of doubt. Names have been named and authorities have been mentioned in no uncertain or terms. The turn of events as narrated by Herojit has all the elements of a superhit thriller, the only unfortunate twist being that the chilling incident was for real. The blatant abuse of power and worse, the horrific network that was created to cover up the incident and bury it under mounds of lies, inconsistencies and deceit, even to the extent of using all and every conceivable means to secure their own thick hides- from making false promises and doling out assurances to harassments and threats to the very life of the person who have been made scapegoat of the whole incident and has been treated and made to feel like the proverbial leper has made the public think twice about the powers that are ruling the state and would certainly be questioning the safety and security of their lives and that of their families in the state. The controversies surrounding the brutal killings of known and suspected anti-social elements in fake encounters is nothing new in the state, and going by the startling revelations, is unlikely to see an end to it anytime in the foreseeable future. What made the public cringe in disgust and despair is not so much the fact that a suspected extortionist has been killed without being made avail his fundamental right to be represented in a court of law, but that the state government and all its machineries are party to the crime, and that the power and authority entrusted with them by the mandate of the people has been used- abused rather to snub out a life at its whim in broad daylight right in the middle of the busiest place in the state- a testimony to the increasing audacity and indifference to the sensibilities of the public.
There is however the case of Rabina- a victim who has been written off as a collateral damage in the staged encounter. The despicable attempt by the state government to wash its hands off the whole bloody affair is another irrefutable evidence of the high-handed and callous attitude towards its own people who have provided it with the power and authority which it used against the public in an increasingly frightening and vicious manner- the same authority which the people is supposed to look up to for protection and assurance.
The public needs to know what measures the state government will be taking up to address the gross injustice. The mask has come off, and instead of denying its involvement or justifying the incident, the only means of redemption would be to own up its blunders and make earnest efforts without further ado to make amends. Anything less would definitely be just a feeble effort at self-preservation.          

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