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Post-COVID-19 Challenges

by Sh Ajit
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The SARS-Cov 2019 attacks human biological systems causing fatal disease called COVID-19. There are right now effective and unharmful medicines, vaccines to fight with on the part of human beings, the most intelligent animal on the earth.
Because of the virus attack, the world is witnessing several troubles in conducting various human activities, right from aviation, tourism, sports, industries, education and what not. It is a worldwide problem. Many scholars start thinking about the problems that would come up in the post-COVID-19. How to cope with the problems that arise out of slow down of production, sudden rise of unemployment because of various variants of lockdown, the repeated swing of COVID-19 test results and many more?  A big question is of wage earners who lost their precious time and labor in this war against the virus.
As the biological system of an individual collapsed if one does not have strong immune system or is having several other diseases earlier, the Post-COVID-19 will show different health statuses of the nations, states, territories in the world. Considering this fact, if re-examine Manipur state system it is better prepare the challenges that would come up in Post-COVID-19. Needless to mention again of the political status of Manipur in India, one may name anything but it is known to everyone that Manipur is one of the Centre-dependent states in India. No backbone of their own. And within this spineless state, corruption and greedy high power individuals rule the state. There are many instances that would show how corruption and greed infect the entire system. The most recent ones, if one has to recall, the loss of portfolio of Dy. CM over the issues of quantity of rice to be distributed per household and how high power persons hijacked essential commodities meant for needy persons. Again the public behavior in front of oil pumps, public distributors, and the mindset of business class should also be considered. Above and all, the corrupt mindset of suppliers who supplied unfit masks meant for health workers who are fighting the SARS Cov 2019. Are not these instances enough to show the health condition of this state? We can discuss how there is change of mindset from ancient kingdom to present Centre-dependent state. But, right now, the question is how to cope with the Post-COVID-19 problems with existing systems, infected with corruption and greediness.
This state having multiple diseases needs real treatment. Do we still need few more diagnostic tests? If we have social engineers, thinkers and long rooted pride of being a civilized people, our response to the Post-COVID-19 should also not be a barbaric one. Of course, the treatment would not be simple but complex with surgery operations, if necessary. The need of the hour is mobilization of different resources to fight and fight back. Locking down our own aspirations, visions and hopes will not bring a new Manipur. Get ready and strike all the odds in history once again.

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